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New House and New Seedling Setup!

posted by: Syntria on 02.03.2014 at 10:23 pm in Growing from Seed Forum

Hello friends!

Now I know I've been all over the place with questions, from raised beds in landscaping to soil selection in Veggy Gardens and here awhile back with some seed germination issues!

Anyways, I'm here now to show off and ask some more questions!

I just moved into a new home, our first home (five years together now <3) and I've only had the opportunity to rent and do container gardening for the most part.

I started some seeds on 1-20-14

Tomatos Roma
Tomatoes Silvery Fur Tree
Tomatoes Green Zebra
Tomatoes Cherry Super Sweet 100
Pepper Chili Jalapeno
Pepper Chili Pasilla Bajio
A few varieties of Marigolds and Milkweed for my butterfly garden

I also started germinating egg plant and cherkokee purples on 1-27-14 via plastic bags/damp papertowel, they appear to be doing well but no pictures atm. Need to transplant them into soil (I assume?)

Still in the process of moving a little. I plan to get an additional T8 Light (or does anyone have other recommendations) to put on another tier for taller plants and then have the other one be much lower via chains (still in a box, can't find them). I know the light should be much closure to the seedlings and they will be tomorrow.

I plan to set it up so the lights come on around 4am and go off around 9pm on a timer, so the neighbors don't think I'm growing the Mary Jane. I'll also keep that back window open which faces East/South so it can get some direct morning sun and indirect light throughout the day.

I also need to set up a small fan, which I will be doing tomorrow.

Tomatillo - two weeks old

With all that said, how am I doing? Do I need to be concerned about my Gas-Heat system doing any damage to the seedlings?

How are they coming along? Are they doing well for two weeks or are they underdeveloped or don't look healthy?

:< I'm such a worry wart. Thank you everyone, especially dave, for all the information you continue to provide me personally and through responses I'm reading in other threads. I'm trying my best to put it all into practice.

Slightly unrelated subject - This new property has ants really bad--not in the house but I've counted at least 6-7 major mounds and I think they are red ants, I'm not positive but they certainly aren't black--rusty colored but not vibrant red. I don't want to have Orkin come poison the property and put bait down since I'll be doing raised beds. I was thinking the boiling water method but I really don't want to get bit by any of the little guys x_x

Here is a link that might be useful: My YouTube Channel dedicated to Gardening


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Raised Bed Layout and Landscaping New Backyard

posted by: Syntria on 01.25.2014 at 01:02 pm in Landscape Design Forum

Hello Landscapers, my names Christina and we've (me and my fiancee--who hates dirt and bugs) recently bought a house and we'll be moving into it shortly!

I'm an avid gardener but I've been contained with just containers over the past decade due to only living in rental properties.

With that being said, I'm browsing around here and online looking for primarily ideas for landscaping and raised beds and would also like to find ways to build solid walkways on slopes on a budget (Year 1 limit is $500-$750 and Year 2 is another $500 )

Here is a video of the property, if you just drag the curser to about 10 minutes in I spent a few minutes outside. I hope to have clear images of it soon too.

Right now, the image attached is the layout I'm considering going with. I want at least 100 sq foot to grow edibles in, as well as a place to plant some fruit tree's--but I don't want to just go slapping stuff just anywhere and my design sense isn't the most sound. I plan to video blog my backyards transformation.

The materials I'd like to stick too is wood, bamboo, and stone. For fencing, archways, borders, etc. I'm also considering if a retention wall on the property would aesthetically help, maybe around where the veggie garden will be and the garden itself sort of down in the 'hole'. Also the property is in a fairly nice community (HOA ew) where the fronts of all the houses are nicely themed and landscaped. Have one with all cactai and palms next to me and the other one has some really clean hedgework and stone. The front property of my house is pretty plain in comparison. (Nice three car garage, turning the third one into a workshop for wood working and stone cutting, grew up with access to one). I'd like either an Asian (Japanese maple, sand beds with stone accents) or Desert theme (rocks/some edible cacti, short palms) upfront but the front yard will be a project after my garden is growing on.

Anyways, I know its sort of vague but any ideas would be fantastic. I'm browsing around now looking at what everyone else has going on.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Garden Vlogs

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Next Season Tomato Planting Plans

posted by: seysonn on 08.31.2013 at 08:47 am in Growing Tomatoes Forum

For the seasoned Gardener, with a lot of experience and resources (acreage, supplies, equipments) It can come automatic, just like riding a bicycle. But for the rest of us with less experience and very limited resources, things are not that simple. Need to struggle a bit.
So the best way to cope with this situation(IMO) is to do some homework , shop around, search and plan. You might not be able to realize everything you plan, but "A PLAN" is better than NO PLAN.

I, myself, have to deal with the footage and short/cool season limitations. In other words, I do not have the luxury of trying everything I like, in terms of variety and quantity. I need to narrow down my choices to about 10 to 12 plants, at the most. And I have to focus on early and mid season varieties
Needless to say, that I want to grow for taste and for some reasonable production .

With those in mind, I am studying the possibilities. So far, I am almost decided on the followings:

Rambling Red Strip (DTM~45)
Oregon Spring (DTM ~60)
Bloody Butcher (DTM ~55)
Black Krim (DTM ~80)
Costaluto (DTM ~80)
Persimmon (DTM ~80)
Mortgage Lifter (DTM ~80)
German Johnson (DTM ~65)

OK. Lets see what your plans are.
Do you care to comment about my preliminary selections?
I would certainly appreciate them.

Thank you

In this part I will revise my previous choices:
8/30/13: : A) Add Paul Robeson, ,,, Isis Candy, Cherokee Purple,

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My 2014 Garden Prep and Vlog Goals

posted by: Syntria on 01.17.2014 at 01:49 pm in Vegetable Gardening Forum

Hello friends!

Been using GardenWeb for about a year, and I've never found a place that could answer every one of my questions so quickly. You guys are fantastic. I'm an avid gamer and I have a sizable following on my game-related channels on YouTube but I'm ready to get serious about my gardening efforts this year and my current followers, well, are more interested in seeing me garden in Farming Simulator 2013 then real life gardening. So, absolutely shameless advertising of my YouTube at

For the past ten years, I've been restricted to rental houses and apartments and only container gardening. I've been successful with cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, kale, cantaloupe, and more in containers with drip systems and limited sun exposure. I'm also nursing some grape vines, lemon and lime trees as well in containers until spring comes around...

I've reached one of my life milestones this year. Buying a house. A house I can do what I want with, plant what I want, rip up the yard how I want. Its just...such an amazing feeling.

For the past month, I've been thinking about nothing but gardening, reading books, reading this forum, started my vlog as linked above, researching and drawing diagrams, and more.

Here's a list of my goals, in order of progression---any advice at all would be greatly appreciated. I know this is a broad subject.

Starting from Seeds - I have gone a little seed crazy, and I know that I'm being too ambitious. I have around 50 varieties of seeds from last year and this year, ranging from Tomatillos to Beets to Milkweed.

I'll be using a heatting pad, humidity dome, and 72 tray to get started today on Peppers, Tomatoes, Flowers (Butterfly/Bee attracting), Marigolds and Basil (for companion planting). Starting with Peppers and Tomatoes since they take the longest.

I have installed a growing 'room' out in my garage, which is still kind of cool. I have 2 T8 Bulbs putting out about 4200k lumien each. I hope it'll be sufficient in growing some solid starting plants.

In the spring, I want some root crops like parsnips, carrots, potatoes, onions, and beets and as it warms up tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, beans, and a few other varieties. I'm also going to try to grow Kales/Lettuces on the north side of the house where they only get an hour of morning sun---being Texas, its going to get real hot real quick. I've had great success growing Kale from seed, but everytime I grow lettuce I fail miserably.

I've read various debates on raised bed materials, between new pressure treated wood and Cedar and since I can afford it I think I'm going to go with cedar.

I'll be building on a slight slope in the backyard, so instead of 4x4 I'm thinking 2x6 going adjacent to the slope so its easier to keep them level---create a stair sort of effect.

I'm thinking I want around 12-24 sq feet to work with in the spring, and add a little more in the summer.

All this is to say, I feel like I have a family here. I don't know any of you by name, and I've only spoken to a few of you privately in emails.

I want to grow as a gardener along with my crops, I want to be a vegetable academic, I want to be as helpful and valuable to this community as you have been to me. I want to save seeds and use the seed exchange, I want to be able to answer some of those off the wall questions that get posted here as the years go on.

There's not exactly a question here, though any guidance or tips on starting my first true backyard garden would greatly be appreciated. I'll be documenting my journey along the way on YouTube, which I'm sure is to be full of failures as well as successes.

Thank you. :)
~ Syntria / Christina
Arlington, TX

Here is a link that might be useful: My New YT Vlog about Gardening


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Huge caterpiller with a tongue

posted by: Syntria on 07.07.2013 at 01:16 pm in Citrus Forum

What is this guy? He's been eatting the leaves on my lemon tree. I did see a month ago a very large butterfly laying eggs on my tree. It was so pretty I didn't remove the eggs. However when I noticed most of the new leaves eatten on my tree and this guy I had to kill him. I feel bad. Could have turned into a beautiful butterfly. :(

What is he? Was I wrong to kill him? D:

He also put out an awful smell with his tongue.


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Young Blueberry Plant Dying

posted by: Syntria on 06.05.2013 at 09:05 pm in Fruit & Orchards Forum


So I've got myself into some hot water and I'm well out of my realm of experiance. I bought some various fruit tree's, including Meyer Lemon, Mexican Lime, Grapes and a BlueBerry Tree.

The Blueberries that were on the tree have died and the leaves are drying up and shriveling.

I'm watering 2-3 times a week and I've only had the plant for about 4 days (so watered it once).

I do live in Texas and the plants currently getting near 10 hours of direct sunlight a day.

Any ideas or suggestions for the blueberries as well as the other plants mentioned would be appreciated. They are all in containers.

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