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shingles:gaf camelot v. camelot ii

posted by: organicsue on 10.16.2012 at 03:33 pm in Home Repair Forum

Hi all -- in doing more internet searching for shingles and really making myself nuts with all the brands/lines, etc. I came across one I love the looks of -- the GAF Camelot, but it is a super-heavy shingle -- over 450 lbs per square, and very expensive. But GAF also makes the Camelot II -- which I understand from the manufacturer is about 280 lbs per square, and a lot less expensive -- but at the GAF website really, except for different colors -- they look virtually the same. How can that be? If anyone can shed any light on what I can expect down the road if I had these put up. I am afraid of shingles blowing off because they are thinner, etc. So if anyone is knowledgeable about the particular Camelot II, please let me know. Thanks very much!


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