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A Beautifully Unfashionable Kitchen

posted by: johnliu on 07.17.2010 at 05:58 am in Kitchens Forum

In the beginning there was the Food Channel. The Food Channel begat the Cooking Channel, and it was good. In the fullness of time, the Cooking Channel begave us the Eating Channel and the Drinking Channels. Whence came the Indigestion and Obesity Channels, the latter sponsored by Sansabelt pants, that timeless brand for this brave new age when 2/3rds of American adults sit, overweight, before their televisions of a thousand Channels.

As I lay in front of my television, * not * wearing Sansabelt pants - indeed not wearing any pants at all, if you really wanted to know - what, you never lay around in your bathrobe? Well, excuuuuse me.

Never mind that. Anyway, I was watching the Cooking Channel, and noticed a kitchen that looked so good, while being so unfashionable by what I think of as today's standards, or at least what I read here, that i thought it merited a post.

The show is ''French Food At Home''. It is a Canadian program, hosted by Laura Calder. The dishes are a bit snoozy, I think, but the kitchen is a different story.

One wall of the kitchen is all windows, old-time ones with small single-pane lights. There are no upper cabinets. The counter under the windows is rusticated blue tile, that hasn't been in style for, I dunno, 30 years? The sink is a big white laundry-style single-tub with wall faucets set in an integral backsplash.

The facing counter - together they form a quasi-galley layout - has a wooden counter, gas cooktop, and hanging pots overhead. The pots are old-school copper, All-Clad, and Le Creuset. At the far end of the galley lives a pretty conventional-looking refrigerator, not a Sub-anything, and some wall ovens.

The pantry looks simple, with nothing that rolls out or telescopes, and dishes are stored on open shelves and wooden cubbies. What there isn't: no pull-out faucet, instant hot water, pot filler, dish drawer, induction hob, granite counter, fancy cabinetry, appliance lift, or elaborate tile backsplashes. Not even subways.

It is so unfashionable a look that, well, I almost wonder if it * is * fashionable. Regardless, it is a beautiful kitchen.

I watch a lot of cooking shows. Their kitchens seldom interest me. Now, on two new-to-me shows on this new channel, I've found two kitchens that qualify as my dream kitchen. The commercial kitchen in ''Chuck's Day Off'', for function. And the old-fashioned home kitchen in ''French Food At Home'', for form. They're both Canadian shows - funny coincidence.

Are you drawn to older, plainer, or just less fashionable kitchens? Are there any television kitchens you really like?


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