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Thickness of 2cm Countertop Underlayment (and Type of Material)

posted by: garhoo on 08.10.2008 at 10:33 am in Kitchens Forum

Hi all,

We are having 2cm countertops installed (w/ 4cm bullnose edges) on our new cabinets.

My contractor cut out the underlayment yesterday: 1/2 inch "floor underlayment" particle board. Everything I've read seems to indicate that plywood (preferably exterior grade) should be used rather than particle board. So I've decided to buy some plywood myself and cut it out as required.

Main question:

(1) Should I go with 1/2 inch or would 5/8 be better? (The latter makes more sense to me.)

Additional questions if there are any takers:

(2) Am I right in rejecting the particle board? (I just don't see how this can be cleanly screwed into or cut for the sink without crumbling -- indeed it's already crumbling on the edges.)

(3) We have a dishwasher gap to span (24"). At the moment there is just the underlayment going over it with no additional support. Should I be attaching a supporting piece to the wall rather than just spanning the gap with plywood & granite.



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