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Starting a garden from scratch in Kansas

posted by: ScottsiegreenLee on 05.13.2013 at 11:35 am in Plants for Difficult Places Forum

Hello everyone!
I just joined GW the other day. I am starting a flower and shrub garden from scratch and have been looking all over the net for info maybe someone could help me. I have a 10' by 7 space that was covered in Bermuda grass and weeds. I try to stay away from chemicals as much as possible, so I cut the grass super low and tilled the heck out of it. I went through and pick out clumps of weeds and grass and roots as best I could. Can I start planting? Would spraying be necessary? If I dont spray will I just be dealing with pulling weeds more often? Can I just lay down some seed mat/newspapers and then mulch and plant? Any advice would be wonderful!! I am new to flower gardening but have been growing a vegetable plot for four years. Thanks in advance!


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