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RE: Help- GE monogram refrig / oven owners (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: SatsyNana7 on 09.18.2013 at 10:48 am in Appliances Forum

We FOOLISHLY purchased the entire GE Monogram package November 2011...wall oven sensors replaced to resolve door too hot to touch and would not open, griddle fire on dual fuel range (grease STILL seeps under griddle accumulating under griddle around flame element..."GE Monogram Engineer looked at photos & determined grease accumulation there is normal"...SERIOUSLY!?!), & now this past July the 48" side by side refrigerator side fluctuates between 22-27 degrees freezing all the food. GE Tech replaced foam core, damper, fresh food sensor & mother board "hoping one of those solves the problem"...guess what? They didn't...damper being replaced a second time & THIS TIME IT IS COSTING OVER $400!!! Are we happy with GE Monogram? Not hardly! Just waiting for beverage frig, Advantium 240, warming drawer & dishwasher to add to the "fun"!


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RE: Fridge - GE Monogram vs KitchenAid vs Subzero (Follow-Up #14)

posted by: SatsyNana7 on 09.17.2013 at 11:14 am in Appliances Forum

We purchased ENTIRE GE MONOGRAM package November 2011. Regrets?!? NOTHING BUT!
*Wall oven sensors replaced within 6 months since door too hot to touch, would not cool down nor could open oven door.
*Griddle fire December 10, 2012 due to grease build up because of grease seeping under griddle accumulating by flame because of design flaw. Griddle not used now even though "special GE engineers determined after looking at photos that it is NORMAL GREASE BUILD UP by flame & safe to use". SERIOUSLY?!?
*48" side by side refrigerator stays between 22-27 degrees thus freezing refrigerated food 7/26/13. The following items were replaced: foam assembly, damper, fresh food sensor & mother board. As of 9/12/13, it is freezing foods yet again. Another damper has been ordered costing us over $400 including service call.
It was interesting hearing GE Service Tech saying "too bad you bought the 2011 instead of now...made in China then and now in US."
Any suggestions?!?


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