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Hugelkultur vs. Wood Chips

posted by: Allen456 on 01.20.2012 at 08:12 am in Soil Forum

It's a generally held belief that incorporating wood chips into your soil will deplete the available nitrogen. How does this jibe with hugelkultur, which encourages burying wood and immediately planting the site?

I live in a new house on a 1/2 acre of Georgia red clay and have resorted to wood chips as a cover for my cardboard sheet mulch. I also have access to logs with which I am about to begin using according to hugelkultur methods.


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Winter Sowing Container Count aka "Zone Wars" 2012-2013 - #3

posted by: terrene on 02.20.2013 at 09:29 am in Winter Sowing Forum

This is the third thread in the official Winter Sowing Container Count (affectionately known as Zone Wars).

The count runs from December 21, 2012 - May 1, 2013.

Everyone is welcome to participate! To participate you simply post on this thread the number of containers you have wintersown. You can post daily, weekly, etc. Each time you post, please include your total count so far. For example:

'I sowed 5 more today for a total of 25 containers'.

How To Count Containers:
Each container, no matter the size, counts as one. However, if you feel your container is worth more than one, just use your judgment. Say, for example, you have one flat bin full of twenty cups with four different seeds. You can count it as 1, 4, or 20. The same for a lasagna pan you may plant several different types of seed in. Whatever you feel is right. We wont be peeking over your garden gate to count your containers.

How to List your Zone:
Make sure your zone is listed correctly on your member page so we can place you on the correct 'team'. You can edit your zone by clicking on Member Pages and then click Edit Your Membership Details. You are welcome to use any guide you wish to determine your zone, as well as your own experience. If you are unsure of your zone, this Gardenweb page may help: Finding Your Zone.

If your member page does not list a zone, you must include the zone in your post. For example:

'I sowed 5 more today for Zone 7 for a total of 25 containers'.

If your member pages lists you on the border of 2 zones (such as 7b/8a) you need to decide which team to join for Zone Wars, and include it in your post. Or you can revise your member page and put 7b from now until May 1. Then after May 1 change it back to 7b/8a.

To see the latest count, click on the Container Count / Zone Wars Spreadsheet.

To see previous Container Count threads, click on this list of Zone Wars Threads prepared by River_crossroads.

Everyone who is winter sowing is encouraged to participate.

Chatting, support, suggestions, and friendly rivalry are encouraged.

Every container counts so join the fun!!

~ Happy Sowing ~


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