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Window not quite centered--thoughts? How far should the BS go?

posted by: alexx on 12.07.2012 at 11:25 am in Kitchens Forum

Attached is the stove wall of my galley kitchen. To the left of the fridge is the door to the garage (we don't bring in groceries from there, just go to the laundry and outside freezer.) The right side of the kitchen will be a wall of pantry cabs and the opposite wall to this picture is going to be mostly a half wall with sink opening to casual dining and living room.

1) We are shortening the length of the current window so that we can run counter below it. Ideally, we'd keep the other three sides the same since it is already framed. That said, with the current cabinet placement, the new window plus 1.5 inches of molding leave a 2.25 inch reveal on the right and a 3.75 inch reveal on the left. Is it okay to not have this window centered? Should I add 1 or 1.5 more inch of filler between the fridge and the first upper cabinet (going left to right) so that it would be even?

2)In pink I have indicated where I think we will tile (BS still tbd but either glass subway or crackled ceramic 1x6s type) Does that placement of the BS seem right--would you go higher or lower around the window?

Thanks everyone!!


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