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RE: lettuce in 21 days (Follow-Up #10)

posted by: AdrianaG on 03.04.2003 at 06:31 am in Hydroponics Forum

Mango, you will love having a greenhouse! A commerciall greenhouse operation typically starts with a single 30' x 100' house and 60 x 100 is better, but you could take on a restaurant or two with premier lettuce and herbs out of 100 sq meters. Now...if you really do find a way to produce lettuce in 21 days this greenhouse will yield the equivalent of one 2 or 3 times larger.


A friend of mine grows parsley commercially and supplies all the restaurants that is his only commercial crop, and has been doing it successfully for some years.
His water comes from a dam on his property which he pumps into reservoirs and adds nutrients etc.
Strangely enough he uses sawdust in long troughs which he gets from a prison farm saw mill,. He does not recycle his nutrients but what he has done is to have little holes along his troughs where the nutrient falls to the ground below where he grows small salad onions as another crop.
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