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Moss Rose or something else?

posted by: Resolute_Noir on 11.20.2013 at 05:33 am in Antique Roses Forum

Today I was out windows shopping at our local seedling nursery when I came upon a particularly interesting plant. It had clusters of white flowers and had these little bristly, carpet-like features on its sepals. Bees apparently loved it as they seemed to swarm around it so much.

When I asked the lady selling it, she told me it was a "Valentine Rose" and told me that all the other roses she sells are Valentine Roses too. These included a Red one with large flowers, and a pink one that had HT-like blooms and it's because of these ones that I'm now confused. I'm interested in Antique Roses but could it just be something else or are all Moss Roses OGRs?


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