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Please critique my basement bathroom reno.

posted by: Renosarefun on 10.15.2014 at 01:57 pm in Bathrooms Forum


Home is 30 years old, bathroom done 25 years ago but not to code.


I want to keep the shower only, sink and toilet but change the layout to add a larger shower, covert to a vanity and keep the existing toilet.

Wish list,

Cherry 49" vanity with granite counter top 8" center faucet, single square sink with matching mirror. larger thermostatic shower with steam function, two niches, tile ceiling and glass shower doors with recess lighting. Eliminate the closet and completely change the layout. Schluter waterproof membrane, recess lighting including shower. Sound system with wall keypad and via android/iphone.. Heated tile floor with thermostat, tile half way up the wall outside shower.


I would imagine it would be around $30,000.00 but since I'm doing all the work lets say, $14,000.00 list price, hopefully find everything on sale for $9000.00 for materials only. Labor, free as I will be doing all the work myself.

Start Date,

December 1st

I'm in the process of finishing a kitchen reno and should be finished in about 4-5 weeks as I have the doors, trim, lighting and some flooring left to do.

Completion date:

Projected date is May 1st as I want to start another project by then. I'm not a contractor, just an avid diyer.


I will add the sizing when I have the measurement but shower should be around 90" X 34" and the area outside shower should be 58" X 80"

Largest Obstacle.

The drain and venting were not done properly on the original bathroom and the main drain stack is hidden inside the present closet which will be eliminated.

I've never done a steam shower before so that will be my next challenge.

Please add any comments or suggestions.

Before photos.

 photo IMG_2536.jpg

 photo IMG_2535.jpg

 photo IMG_2540.jpg

< photo IMG_2538.jpg

 photo IMG_2537.jpg

Projected New Layout.

 photo BasementBathroomLayoutDiagram.png

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