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How do I know if my Tomatoes are getting 2 much or not enuf water

posted by: Remodeller on 07.11.2013 at 03:07 am in Growing Tomatoes Forum

Question mark of title got cut off- but that is the question- should I get some sort of soil moisture meter? Im doing an EarthTainer and 9 Global Buckets- Leaves have been curled on one of the tomato plants in the EarthTainer (Pantano Romanesco I believe its called)- the other one (Celebrity Bush) is starting to have flat leaves again- half are flat, half are curled on that one


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High Yielding Beefsteaks

posted by: donnamarienj on 06.30.2013 at 11:07 pm in Growing Tomatoes Forum

During today’s rainstorm, I took a break from weeding and browsed through Carolyn’s book. In her book Carolyn labeled about a dozen beefsteaks as having a high yield. These tomatoes are listed below and I’d like your opinions if you have grown them. While I know that yield and taste will vary from garden to garden, I would still like to hear whether you liked the tomatoes listed below and how they fared in your garden. While I am certain there are numerous other beefsteaks that may be considered as having a high yield, right now I am only interested in the ones listed below. My first interest is the yield, and the second is the taste. So if you have grown these tomatoes, I would love and welcome your feedback.

Andrew Rahart’s Jumbo Red
Chris Ukrainian
Crnkovic Yugoslavian
Dr. Lyle
Germaid Red
German Head
Omar’s Lebanese
Sandul Moldovan

Thank you.



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When will I know which one is Determinate & which is Indtrmnate?

posted by: Remodeller on 06.17.2013 at 04:23 pm in Growing Tomatoes Forum

On a windy day my starter plants tipped over and the labels fell out before I planted them so I don't know which is which. Next time Im taking a sharpie pen to the nursery and labeling the little pots as soon as I pay for them!!!! Here's my post from fb: "Tomatoes are getting bigger. The one on left has 3 or 4 new fruits growing. The plant on the right is taller but still no fruit. The labels got lost on a windy day so one is a Celebrity Bush (determinate type: one big harvest per season, shorter; 3-4 feet tall) & the other is a Pantano Romanesco (indeterminate type; gives you smaller harvests all season until frost kills it. Can grow up to 12feet tall, 6 feet is more common). I don't know which is which , that kinda sucks cause one type should be pruned & the other shouldn't. I need a Tomato Jedi to make this call." - Can anyone help? I know you would think the taller one is Indeterminate- but then wouldn't it be growing little fruits by now? Not a single fruit on the tall one yet.


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Does my plant have a disease or deficiency? See pic

posted by: Remodeller on 05.13.2013 at 03:52 am in Growing Tomatoes Forum

I have planted two tomato plants this year so far in my very first EarthTainer I built. I bought two organic seedlings from Whole Foods market, one is a Pantano Romanesco and the other is a Bush Celebrity. Before I could get my EarthTainer done we had a lot of wind so they blew over a few times in the middle of the night and the labels fell out so I do not know which is which- would need a Tomato Jedi for that.
Recently I noticed one tomato plant has these whiteish spots on its stem- is this normal for either of the two species I mentioned?


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Will this custom potting mix work in EarthTainer??

posted by: dancinglemons on 06.09.2012 at 02:36 am in Container Gardening Forum

Hello all,

I've done quite a bit of reading about Gritty Mix and 511 mix. I have been using the 511 with good results. I am now ready to ask these questions. Is there any situation where 50% peat moss and 50% bark fines will work in SWC/SIP. Will this wick in EarthTainer and Earth**Box ?? Will it be too wet?? I've only these items and some PermaTill -- with no Perlite and need to fill a few SIP/SWC. I could mix 50% bark with 50% PermaTill. My problem is I have these containers that need filling and I am out of ingredients.



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My Container Mix Trials and Tomato Patch in N. Calif Dec 5 pics

posted by: rnewste on 12.05.2009 at 04:20 pm in Container Gardening Forum

Days are in the mid 60s with nights falling to the low 40s. Plant growth has slowed considerably, but vegetables are still ripening.

Here is my Indian Stripe which is beginning to blush:

Tomatoes are quite large (bigger than my Cherokee Purple)

Yolo Wonder Peppers continue to mature:

The Container Mix trials continue on. I am REALLY happy with the 3:2:1 combo of Potting Mix, Bark Fines, and Perlite. The plant (Cherokee Purple) continues to be green from bottom to top:

I continue to be surprised at what small differences in the Container Mix formulation yields. Here are Pepper plants on the right, in a 3:3:2 ratio of Potting Mix, Redwood Compost, and Perlite; and the two plants on the left in the same 3:3:2 ratio but with Potting Mix, Bark Fines, and Perlite:

My Carmello is producing well, even with the cooler weather now. A few of these will be on the dinner table tonight:



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New EarthTainer & InnTainer Guides Published - Feb 14, 2012

posted by: rnewste on 02.14.2012 at 01:07 pm in Growing Tomatoes Forum

I have revised the two Construction Guides today. For the EarthTainer, the design of the Aeration Bench has been simplified (the Guide is now 19 pages vs. 20 pages before). I have also changed the Grow Media ratios slightly, and increased the Dolomite Lime recommendation to 3 Cups.

Minor "Tweaks" have been made to the InnTainer Guide as well.

Here are the direct links: pdf f

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Rev 3.5 EarthTainer Construction Guide


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Planted Out Today In NorCal - March 3 (pics)

posted by: rnewste on 03.04.2013 at 01:54 pm in Growing Tomatoes Forum

We been having a very warm Spring - the cherry blossoms are out in full bloom, and with the long range forecast for continuing warm weather the rest of March, I decided to take a chance and plant out today:

 photo IMG_2279_zpsdb813dbb.jpg
Early Large Red............................................... ........Vilmorin Dona F1

 photo IMG_2282_zps6f9526d3.jpg
Goose Creek

 photo IMG_2283_zps25f4d77c.jpg

 photo IMG_2284_zps22072fa6.jpg
Soren's MarNar

 photo IMG_2285_zps279c60b2.jpg
Momotaro.......................................... .................................................. ..Big Beef

 photo IMG_2287_zps17d80726.jpg
Jetsetter......................................... ....................................Supersonic

 photo IMG_2288_zps819e7588.jpg
Better Boy............................................... .........Big Daddy

 photo IMG_2289_zps1e1270db.jpg
Park's Whopper........................................... ........BTD Pink

 photo IMG_2290_zps02feeaf1.jpg
Berkeley Tie-Dye....................................WBF Beauty King

I am trialing a selection of fertilizers to see if I can come up with an alternative to Tomato-tone (more about the trials in another post in a week or so).

So far, the Snow Peas are doing great:

 photo IMG_2281_zps2b78c963.jpg

 photo IMG_2286_zpsfd4309fa.jpg

Same with the Sugar Snap Peas:

 photo IMG_2280_zps8c3c4583.jpg

 photo IMG_2278_zps5ffdf455.jpg

Looking forward to an interesting Summer.



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Smart Pots vs Earthtainer: or hybrid of the two?

posted by: Remodeller on 05.07.2013 at 08:01 pm in Container Gardening Forum

If I remember & understand correctly Smart Pots claims to fame are that their thick fabric like material is breathable and so it thoroughly aerates the pot 'soil' mix- it also directs the roots in a desirable way. If I understand correctly the Earthtainer also aerates the soil because air enters underneath the soil through the overfill holes and then up through the aeration bench holes- so the question remains: How does the Earthtainer fare in preventing the roots from wrapping around themselves of growing in an undesirable way?- Or is Smart Pots over hyping this problem to sell more product?
The other thing that occurred to me is what about a hybrid of the two based on the version of the Earthtainer (Same concept with two 5gal buckets, one stacked on the other)- the way it would work is you not only drill aeration holes on the bottom of the top bucket but you also drill holes on the side walls of the bucket then line the inside of the bucket with a Smart Pot- would this give you the best of both worlds? - I guess you would lost a little more water with the extra holes on the sides- but would you still have the ease of maintenance, eliminate over watering, give the roots an advantage with superior aeration- plus the roots growing in a more desirable way from the Smart Pot fabric. Then again what if you just used the Earthtainer bedliner material and zip tie or tape it to the sides of the bucket? Im a floor contractor/musician new to gardening so lots of questions

Here is a link that might be useful: 5 Gal Bucket Version Of Earthtainer


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An Idea for warming up soil faster for bell peppers in globalBukt

posted by: Remodeller on 05.08.2013 at 07:12 am in Container Gardening Forum

During the phase of wetting the soil what if you used water you just boiled so it is still super hot?- How fast would the heat leave the soil if the weather was in the 70s instead of high 80s low 90s- you could also use heated water every time you fill the bucket reservoir until the weather is hot enough to keep soil warm enough. Im new to gardening so I have no idea if this is a piratical idea


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The new EarthTainer III Rev 3.2 Construction Guide is now availab

posted by: rnewste on 05.31.2011 at 01:49 am in Container Gardening Forum

The new EarthTainer III Rev 3.2 Construction Guide is now available at the TomatoFest website: pdf

Mostly "evolutionary" improvements regarding cage installation, planting instructions, etc.


Here is a link that might be useful: EarthTainer III Guide


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