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What is her name?

posted by: RachaelLemmon on 09.14.2012 at 04:24 pm in Roses Forum

Hi there everyone . There is the most beautiful rose growing in my garden, it was already here when I bought the house. It looks yellow with red tips as a bud , but the more it opens, it pales to a creme with pink tips. I thought maybe it was Love and Peace but I really am not sure. any help would be great!


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Can someone please tell me what type of tree this is ?

posted by: RachaelLemmon on 07.19.2012 at 06:56 pm in Trees Forum

I am not good with trees at all , this could be an over grown shrub for all I know. I bought this house and noticed that It seemed a bit large for where its planted and could tell they spent alot of time trimming it . When it rains the branches touch the ground and snap off. I am trying to find out what it is and if it may need to be removed. Any help for the clueless is very appreciated :)I have more photos , if needed. THANK YOU!


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