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RE: garrell house plans (amicalola & etc) (Follow-Up #126)

posted by: cartod on 03.09.2014 at 06:39 pm in Building a Home Forum

My input on using garrell to tweak your plans is save your money. A good builder (like mine) has seen all of this stuff before. Ask your builder to take the changes you want to the person he buys his roofing trusses and floor beams. These folks provide structural drawings and are backed with engineers who do this every day. I made tons of changes including structural (some on the fly) and it is never a problem.

I also recommend you find a builder that builds on a percentage of money spent rather than agreeing to a fixed price and paying up charges for every change. This home has been a pleasure to build this way. It's just a little scary when you come down to the final months. My builder does it this way, you get 5 itemized bills throughout the build on all the money he spends. He tacks his fee on the bill and it's done.

Your builder has to have enough good credit to do it this way and if they can't then they probably aren't who you want to build it.

This is the cheapest and smallest house that my builder has built it the last few years.


She did it wisely. To retread her comments more closely.
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