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TB151 75% Done Kitchen Reveal

posted by: TB151 on 02.16.2014 at 10:45 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi everyone, this forum has been awesome and absolutely instrumental in our kitchen remodel . What began as a desire to give a basic facelift has turned into a labor of love. My wife and I designed it, and did all of the demo, prep and paint. I also acted as the GC. We have 1 and 3 year old boys and entertain alot, so we needed something beautiful yet functional. We made sure our aisles were extra wide to handle the madness..err traffic :-). We still have some final details to finish up including backsplash, furniture for the sitting area and a giant custom blackboard. But of course we wanted to share some updates for all of you!

Cabinets: Custom inset shaker. White Dove perimeter with a custom stained island by Northeast Woodworking Products of Raymond, NH.

Counters: Super White

Range: Blue Star 36" RCS

Microwave: Kenmore Elite Built In Speed Oven (installed in island)

Dishwasher: Miele

Fridge: LG Counter Depth

Hood: RangeCraft Pro Style

Lights: Quorum International Chrome Pendants over the island, and a small one over the sink. LED under cabinet lights.

Sink: Kraus 32" undermount single bowl

Faucet: Danze Parma Single Mount Spring

Beverage Center: Avanti Double Door

Hardware: Lee Valley

I will update this thread as we wrap up the final pieces, and we hope you like it!

First the before. The house is only 10 years old but was certainly builder grade and super dark.

 photo IMAG1162_zps7da16497.jpg

The after, quite a big change.

 photo kitch4_zpscbc02d26.jpg
 photo KITCH1_zps2e259966.jpg

You'll see some of the sample tiles for the backsplash.

 photo KITCH2_zps76fb3898.jpg photo kitch5_zps53fd607e.jpg

This will be a sitting area with a few chairs

 photo kitch7_zps216aca48.jpg
 photo kitch13_zpse5dac66e.jpg
My artsy pic...We still need to paint the trim around this window. Also, most of these pictures were taken during a blizzard
 photo kitch6_zpsafac698a.jpg photo kitch10_zps06962523.jpg
 photo utf-8BSU1BRzE0NjIuanBn_zps7b66d674.jpg
 photo sarahxmas5_zps82f42ef4.jpg
 photo kitch14_zps54cbf068.jpg
 photo kitch11_zps5480bf86.jpg

You can see the LED's peaking out
 photo kitch15_zps3d7fd589.jpg

The backsplash is going to be awesome so stay tuned!

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2LittleFishies Yellow Kitchen Reveal !!! LONG!

posted by: 2LittleFishies on 02.08.2013 at 09:07 am in Kitchens Forum

OK, here is my finished yellow kitchen thread! Can't believe it is here!
I can't thank ALL of you enough (or at least those who shared in my vision!) for all the help. Like most of us I really spent so much time on every decision. I joke that nothing happened by accident.
There are so many of you that contributed your thoughts and ideas but I want to especially thank lavender_lass and marcolo for all of their wise words and helping me find and stay true to my vision.
I found the hardest part of renovating is not going off track every time you have to make a decision and not letting others sway you to do things you really don't want to do!

What is NOT finished:
*Still waiting on banquette bench for between the 2 built-ins
*New Dining Table
*2 ends of the Backsplash Tile are not installed yet b/c they were sent back to manufacturer to get a bull-nosed edge.
*Custom light switch cover to match BS tile.
*Deciding on window treatments-whether or not to do them...


*Custom Cabinetry- Gilreath Cabinetry in Harrisburg PA
Perimeter is 36" finished, island is 34" high, baking area 33" high

*Colors of Cabinetry- BM Barley 199, BM Mascarpone AF-20 Cabinets were finished with a catalyzed lacquer (not paint) and clear top coat.

*Wall Paint- Kitchen- BM Elephant Tusk OC-8
Dining Area/Living Room BM Woodlawn Blue HC-147
Living Room BM Putnam Ivory HC-39

*Countertops- Vermont Imperial Danby Marble 3cm (purchased from PMI in NJ); Black Walnut 2" Thick Island Top finished with Satin Waterlox (constructed by our Cabinet Maker)

*Island Size is 9 feet x 51 inches *We keep 5 stools at the island but 6 fit fine (2 at the end)

Thermador CIT365GM 36" Induction Cooktop (mirrored finish)
Electrolux Icon Double Ovens- Professional Series E30EW85GPS6
Electrolux Icon French Door Fridge- Professional Series E23BC68JPS5
Bosch 800 Plus Dishwasher- SHV7ER53UC
Miele H4080BM Speed Oven
Marvel 60RDEBBO Fridge Drawers

*Floors- Red Oak finished with Minwax Provincial Stain and Vermeister Commercial Finish Poly. Matte

Renovation Hardware Gilmore Cup Pulls in Chrome
Top Knobs Cabinet Latches in Chrome
Emtek Old Town Clear Knob in Chrome
Schaub & Company 6" Chrome Pulls and 12" pull for Dishwasher

UCL & In Cabs- Seagull LED lights 3000K temp
Drum Pendants- Lamps Plus
5 light Chandelier- Visual Comfort- Michael S Smith Eiffel Chandelier in Polished Nickel

Main- Kohler Whitehaven K-6489 36" Apron Front Cast Iron Sink
Prep- Kohler K-6584 Iron/Tones Cast Iron Sink

Main- Moen Woodmere in Chrome S7208C
Prep- Moen Woodmere Prep Faucet in Chrome S6208C
Soap dispensers- Moen
Pot Filler- Moen Showhouse

*Insinkerator Evolution Essential Disposal
Insinkerator Instahot Faucet F-HC2215 Chrome
Insinkerator SST-FLTR

*Backsplash by Wizard Tile
Design is Ribbons & Feathers with Crackle Glaze in Custom Color

*Stools- Counter Height from Grandinroad

BEFORE: This project included pushing out the entire back of our 1950 Cape 7 feet. Also, removing about 5' of our living room wall which involved moving the basement steps over. Removing a wall between the dining room and kitchen, adding a covered porch. We also did all new siding and other exterior things but I'll stick to inside.

Kitchen was originally a galley measuring about 19' x 9 1/2'. Dining Room was about 8 1/2' wide. Now it's really one large room 28' x 16 1/2'. Kitchen side alone is 16' x 16 1/2'

Choosing reveal photos was worse than narrowing down pics for our Wedding Album! SO sorry in advance for the quantity! Hopefully you'll never have to ask me for more pics : )

DSC07727 photo file_zpsee1ef0ad.jpg

DSC08531 photo file_zps50269316.jpg

DSC08532 photo file_zps8210050e.jpg

DSC08802 photo file_zps31701bd3.jpg

DSC08533 photo file_zps3a56c14a.jpg

DSC08535 photo file_zpsdec179b4.jpg

DSC08536 photo file_zps8cee92b9.jpg

DSC08538 photo file_zps9fac3017.jpg


DSC00653 photo file_zps0faf36b7.jpg

DSC00476 photo file_zps48c514db.jpg

DSC00497 photo file_zpsd3882bef.jpg

DSC00502 photo file_zpse88d5616.jpg

DSC00575 photo file_zpsb791084b.jpg

DSC00655 photo file_zps1d7eff1a.jpg

DSC00751 photo file_zps42fc324f.jpg

DSC00755 photo file_zpsd82e20e6.jpg

DSC00761 photo file_zpse10a05c2.jpg

DSC00790 photo file_zps7a75894b.jpg


DSC00469 photo file_zps8d5b5954.jpg

DSC00472 photo file_zps9fe8dbb4.jpg

DSC00474 photo file_zpsa6b60fc5.jpg

DSC00485 photo file_zps046a969a.jpg

DSC00487 photo file_zps47c6e716.jpg

Most of my drawers like these are adjustable which I'd highly recommend. If they weren't I wouldn't have been able to remove partitions to fit taller pieces.

DSC00488 photo file_zps43e60b1b.jpg

Key Cabinet

DSC00489 photo file_zps63161bbb.jpg

DSC00490 photo file_zps3a100ccb.jpg

DSC00491 photo file_zps9974b8c2.jpg

DSC00492 photo file_zpse5aea266.jpg

DSC00493 photo file_zps461bd1cc.jpg

DSC00504 photo file_zpsffd0e87a.jpg

DSC00508 photo file_zpsfd40300d.jpg

DSC00514 photo file_zps31bf936c.jpg

DSC00517 photo file_zps883f2f2a.jpg

DSC00518 photo file_zps8c4143fa.jpg

DSC00520 photo file_zps0ca18277.jpg

DSC00521 photo file_zps6802e4c0.jpg

DSC00553 photo file_zps35618dde.jpg

DSC00556 photo file_zpsb36f32ac.jpg

DSC00687 photo file_zps0c92fd42.jpg

DSC00708 photo file_zps8d1b37aa.jpg

DSC00766 photo file_zps1e2b63e9.jpg

DSC00602 photo file_zpseef3f2f4.jpg

DSC00611 photo file_zps7f782a0e.jpg

DSC00784 photo file_zpsa5466f42.jpg

DSC00603 photo file_zps72cdabc7.jpg

DSC00609 photo file_zpse2466d36.jpg

DSC00628 photo file_zpsd52d164d.jpg

DSC00627 photo file_zpsb6b9f217.jpg

DSC00688 photo file_zps3ab830f0.jpg

DSC00510 photo file_zps2e59810d.jpg

DSC00511 photo file_zps11a04e3a.jpg

My KitchenAid

DSC00768 photo file_zps5233f880.jpg

DSC00727 photo file_zps5fb0743f.jpg

DSC00477 photo file_zps7c5080d4.jpg

DSC00795 photo file_zps89ed8a95.jpg


DSC00744 photo file_zpscd5c646b.jpg

DSC00796 photo file_zpsdc2cb21e.jpg

DSC00647 photo file_zps4e27dfe3.jpg

DSC00529 photo file_zpsb1dd49fa.jpg

DSC00631 photo file_zpsfa4eb09c.jpg


DSC00658 photo file_zpsb16535ef.jpg

DSC00661 photo file_zpsd18fe786.jpg

DSC00666 photo file_zps747c82ae.jpg

DSC00668 photo file_zps2b49a3bc.jpg

DSC00548 photo file_zpsdcda1ebc.jpg

DSC00545 photo file_zps8201bc33.jpg

DSC00706 photo file_zps447dc653.jpg

DSC00746 photo file_zps1a192423.jpg

DSC00656 photo file_zpsf09548dc.jpg

DSC00669 photo file_zps5490a1e5.jpg

DSC00549 photo file_zps273864a4.jpg

DSC00710 photo file_zps0d443aa5.jpg

DSC00711 photo file_zps8d64ce7c.jpg

DSC00532 photo file_zpsd514b973.jpg

DSC00775 photo file_zps0186d3cd.jpg


DSC00804 photo file_zpsab4ee325.jpg

DSC00805 photo file_zps4c2e4e94.jpg

DSC00806 photo file_zps14936991.jpg

DSC00802 photo file_zpse1a2fb2f.jpg

DSC00807 photo file_zps6171d14d.jpg

DSC00808 photo file_zps30f10403.jpg

DSC00809 photo file_zpscdb33f24.jpg


DSC00479 photo file_zpsdd574367.jpg

DSC00480 photo file_zps8de10a60.jpg

DSC00482 photo file_zpsb10f75cb.jpg

DSC00526 photo file_zpse6e27fd8.jpg

DSC00735 photo file_zps8d562521.jpg

DSC00537 photo file_zps71e939c3.jpg

DSC00540 photo file_zps71c3eb2b.jpg

DSC00546 photo file_zps64e0c613.jpg

DSC00547 photo file_zps46f33551.jpg

DSC00617 photo file_zps6cf45a30.jpg

DSC00535 photo file_zps5666ba80.jpg

DSC00675 photo file_zps984e63af.jpg

DSC00677 photo file_zps2d2396dd.jpg

DSC00680 photo file_zps77aa35d7.jpg

DSC00691 photo file_zpsbf04e27b.jpg

DSC00718 photo file_zpsaf767e97.jpg

DSC00719 photo file_zpscd82bb15.jpg

DSC00754 photo file_zps286c8dc3.jpg

DSC00771 photo file_zps583fd26b.jpg


 photo DSC00838_zps9637c092.jpg

 photo DSC00837_zps2ed68a1f.jpg


 photo DSC00836_zpsfe2a26b0.jpg

TV Pocket Doors Over Fridge

DSC00484 photo file_zpsd71d39e5.jpg

DSC00590 photo file_zps08f34112.jpg


DSC00572 photo file_zpsbe195cc5.jpg

DSC00634 photo file_zpsc3218c89.jpg

DSC00626 photo file_zps8f3b324c.jpg

DSC00636 photo file_zps9a460ff4.jpg

DSC00637 photo file_zpsc602f4a1.jpg

Thanks, Breezy : )

DSC00642 photo file_zps3f0264a0.jpg

DSC00643 photo file_zps787be48c.jpg

DSC00644 photo file_zpsb8778042.jpg

DSC00736 photo file_zpsf350247b.jpg

Storage at Back of Island (Shelves are 9 1/2" deep)

DSC00495 photo file_zps4ef89793.jpg

DSC00496 photo file_zpsd92ecfc7.jpg

DSC00697 photo file_zps5fbd5159.jpg


DSC00612 photo file_zps6f2563bb.jpg

DSC00566 photo file_zps2558e036.jpg


DSC00569 photo file_zpsb947aff3.jpg

DSC00570 photo file_zps24f48ed1.jpg


DSC00732 photo file_zpsb37a7631.jpg

MY ORGANIZATIONAL SPOT (cork back, file drawer, printer, BluRay player, desk items, charging drawer)

DSC00565 photo file_zps989dba16.jpg

DSC00595 photo file_zps2957c559.jpg

DSC00703 photo file_zpsd8da55c9.jpg


DSC00618 photo file_zps97c79e6a.jpg

DSC00624 photo file_zps7747acb8.jpg


DSC00558 photo file_zpsfa42d002.jpg


DSC00562 photo file_zps172890ae.jpg

CUSTOM SLIDING DOORS-- These were at one point supposed to be pocket doors but I didn't want to close off views by having 3' of wall pocket on either side so came up with this which is working well at blocking sound but still gives an open feeling to the space.
I also love the 3 lights on the top so it's less busy and easier to clean!

DSC00576 photo file_zps34778e89.jpg


DSC00589 photo file_zpse63e3f9c.jpg


DSC00578 photo file_zps60834af8.jpg

The blue looks brighter than it does IRL:

DSC00583 photo file_zpsc2acfe0b.jpg

DSC00584 photo file_zps78e111a3.jpg

DSC00587 photo file_zps4ab37266.jpg


DSC00721 photo file_zpsfebff487.jpg

DSC00722 photo file_zpscca30182.jpg

DSC00726 photo file_zps040b7138.jpg

DSC00794 photo file_zps38b41ba6.jpg

THANK YOU GW for this FUN, FULFILLING, (and often STRESSFUL) Experience : )

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If this was YOUR kitchen (pt.2)!

posted by: PAINTEDPEGGIES on 02.17.2013 at 08:17 pm in Kitchens Forum

If this was yours, what would you do?

I hate the layout of this kitchen. Fridge door doesn't open all the way because it is too close to the wall
The flow is awful...The big blank wall across from the island I would love to build out and put a pantry in because storage is really needed in here! Our pendants are new and I love them and I also have a new range because the other one was not conducive to cooking, lol...

I posted pics of it a few weeks ago and was told to post a bird's eye layout.

So here is my awful drawing. Sorry if it isn't really proper. The kitchen is about 14 x 17. Not sure if we want a complete over haul or just spruce up, but I think moving appliances counts as complete over haul! Right now everything is builder grade bottom of the line. Our kitchen was a two story space that we closed in last year, so the pics will reflect some of what it used to look like.

I will add the pics in, too.



doorway to foyer and front door:



Here is a pantry I saw on Pinterest that I want to copy for that blank wall...thoughts?


thank you for any and all ideas and comments.


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Finished Kitchen: Circa 1840 Working Farmhouse, IKEA Budget Reno

posted by: brickmanhouse on 08.19.2010 at 01:46 am in Kitchens Forum

Hi all,

Well, we've finally got a (mostly) finished kitchen! This kitchen's been in the planning stages for 8 years and I've been in and out of this forum for just about that long-- wow, time flies! Whether I've posted or just lurked, the information I've gotten here has been INVALUABLE.

I can unequivocally say that my kitchen would not look anything like what it does without this Forum, and for that I offer my profound gratitude-- there is, quite literally, no way I could have done it without all of you, past and present.

So, here are the photos of the finished result:

From 2010-0818

From 2010-0818

From 2010-0818

From 2010-0818

From 2010-0818

From 2010-0818

From 2010-0818

For the entire album with detailed photos, just click on the link below any of the photos above!

Here are the details:

Cabinetry: IKEA Lidingo White (with glass uppers) for the perimeter, Tidaholm Brown/Black for the island
Island Knobs & Pulls: Anne at Home Farm Collection and Lewis Dolin Glass Cup Pulls (from
Perimeter Knobs and Pulls: Anne at Home Horse Collection, generic polished chrome knobs, cup pulls, and bar pulls (from
Wall Paint: BM Revere Pewter
Trim, Hood, and Fireplace Paint: Valspar Bright White (from Lowes)
Perimeter Counters: IKEA Butcher Block, stained Black with India Ink and sealed with Waterlox
Island Counter: IKEA Butcher Block, sealed with Watco food safe butcher block sealer
Main Sink: Whitehaus 36" farm sink (from
Island Sink: IKEA single Domsjo, undermounted instead of the usual overmount installation
Faucets: IKEA Hjuvik
Refrigerator: Because we grow a lot of what we eat (so we don't need to store much) and have a large fridge in an adjacent laundry room, we chose a generic small undercounter fridge (Home Depot, off the shelf)
Wine chiller: Sunbeam (Home Depot, off the shelf)
Dishwashers: Kenmore and Hotpoint, both existing and 5-7 years old
Microwaves: 8 year old Kenmores
Island Oven: IKEA Datid 30"
Hood: ProLine 36" range hood (from eBay)
Range: IKEA Praktfull Pro A50
Backsplash Behind Range: Handthrown Williamsburg brick (local brickyard, left over from another project)
Flooring: Lumber Liquidators, Hand Scraped Teak
Island and Sink Pendants: IKEA Ottava
Cabinet lights: IKEA Grundtal single puck lights
Chandelier over the Table: Progress lighting, black 5-light chandelier (Home Depot, off the shelf)
Fireplace: Style Selections 36" Vent Free LP fireplace (Lowes, off the shelf)

A few notes about the remodel, just to hit some discussion points I see come up a lot in this Forum:

Our kitchen lives in a big old 1840 farmhouse, which has been part of a working farm since the day it was built. Originally it was soybeans, but now it's part of a gentleman's farm (horses, heritage gardens and poultry), so everything has to be hard wearing and practical. It needs to stand up to heavy traffic, mud, hay, tools, and the occasional chicken (though usually when they wander in, they don't go much further than the family room, because they like the television). That definitely informed our choices for surfaces-- they needed to be hard cleanable, and ultimately easily refinished or replaced down the line.

Because the entire house already has strong architectural elements (huge moldings and built-ins), we worked within the style we already had-- all the kitchen moldings, mantels, panels and cabinets match (or are closely styled after) what already exists in the house. We definitely didn't do a period kitchen (we wanted a 2010 layout with all the conveniences), but we wanted the kitchen to look like it belonged in the house.

The big thing for us was budget-- believe it or not, the entire kitchen was done for UNDER $20K. Four big things contributed to that:

1/ We DIY'ed the ENTIRE project, start to finish. The only thing we hired out was the gas line install for the fireplace and range, because state law requires it. Other than that, all planning, demo, sourcing, and construction was on us. Might be why it took us 8 years. . .

2/ We reused what we could, and scrounged a lot, especially construction materials (which could have been buckets of money, considering all the custom work we did in the space), and kept what appliances we could. It was also a great way to be environmentally responsible on a project that, let's face it, has a lot of non-necessities involved.

3/ IKEA, IKEA, IKEA. If you're anywhere reasonably close to an IKEA, and you're on anything approaching a budget, go check it out. The cabinet quality for the price can't be beat (except for a few pockets of custom cabinet makers), and there are a lot of great accessories, appliances, lighting and other things to be had for a terrific price. As always, you have to pick and choose your items for quality and value, but at least in our experience, it is definitely there to be had for the buyer with a good eye.

4/ We didn't go for major appliance upgrades. Our whole family LOVES to cook (and eat!), and we wanted a great looking, functional space to do it all in, but we just weren't convinced that we needed more than the basics right now. If we want to upgrade down the line, it's easy enough to do, but right now our Wolf budget is standing in our barn eating hay, and our LaCanche budget is steered towards this Show Hunter prospect I have my eye on . . .

So there's our formula for a great kitchen that works for us considering the (kind of odd!) parameters we had. Hope you all can take at least something useful away from our experience.

I've submitted the kitchen to the FKB, and I'll answer whatever questions you've got. . .

Thanks again, everyone!


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My new kitchen ceiling/lighting PICTURES

posted by: PAINTEDPEGGIES on 03.10.2012 at 06:52 pm in Kitchens Forum

I posted about our renovation which included closing off our two-story height kitchen and adding a bedroom above. Well we just finished yesterday, and I LOVE it!
We didn't reno the kitchen, that is coming soon, lol, but did add pendants above the island.

The funny thing is, the kitchen seems bigger to me now, that it isn't an endless expanse of 'air' in the ceiling.

Here's the before:


and now, with our new ceiling:


I adore these pendants we chose:



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no more two-story kitchen! my addition with pics

posted by: PAINTEDPEGGIES on 03.12.2012 at 11:35 am in Remodeling Forum

I posted about us adding a bedroom over the space that was our two-story (useless, haha) kitchen. We just finished and I'm sharing some pics for anyone who wants to peek.
We added a Master bedroom above.

We also closed off the two story foyer and catwalk above to make a loft at top of the steps that will be our home office/library.

The bedroom is still sparse; I need to go shopping now that I have a color scheme and much more room.

I did them as collages to make the uploading a bit easier... Thanks for looking:) ( I have new kitchen pics in the kitchen forum, too, if you want to see it with the new, lower ceiling)






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Help me decorate living room (see pics)

posted by: PAINTEDPEGGIES on 02.02.2012 at 09:13 pm in Home Decorating Forum

So I need a rug and some drapes. I love the cool neutrals in our room, but it isn't 'put together'. I was thinking perhaps navy roman shades, and maybe throwing some yellow into the color palette somewhere? thoughts? It is very stark now because I have a toddler, so not many decorative items!


thank you!


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What would you do with this wall in my kitchen? PIC

posted by: PAINTEDPEGGIES on 01.31.2012 at 12:51 pm in Kitchens Forum

This is a wall in my kitchen that bugs me. It is big and blank, and totally lined with a baseboard heater on the bottom. Across the room is my kitchen window, sink, and all cabinets. This wall is 9.5 feet long.

Right now it is our office area but we are relocating all that up to the office we are adding on. So I will have a blank wall once again. We have an island with seating so I don't need a kitchen table...




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Finished Kitchen - creamy farmhouse (or some such thing)

posted by: buckheadhillbilly on 01.28.2012 at 08:37 pm in Kitchens Forum

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on my layout many moons ago. Thanks also to all of those who have posted their kitchen photos, so that I could join all the others in admiring, taking notes, clipping photos and building the ideas that would become my kitchen. I have finally finished building my house, moved in just before the holidays, and just now have a chance to post some finished pictures.










Now for the details (if I can remember them all!)

The cabinets are custom cabinets from a shop here in Atlanta called The Town Carpenter.
The cabinets are painted Sherwin Williams "Creamy White" with all of the black removed. This became known as "custom creamy" at the cabinet shop and they sold several more jobs of this color while my cabinets were being made.
The walls are painted Benjamin Moore's "You Are My Sunshine."
The floors are white oak from the trees we cut down while clearing the lot to build with multiple coats of tung oil - no stain.
The library ladder was made from the leftover floor boards with the same tung oil treatment.
The perimeter counters are honed Crystal Pearl Quartzite.
The island countertop is honed Virginia Mist.
The range is a 48" dual fuel Five Star (one gas oven one convection).
The hood is a Ventahood with a custom cover.
I have two dishwashers. One is a top of the line Kitchen Aid and one is a Miele.
The clean up sink is an Ikea Domsjo single bowl undermounted.
The prep sink is a Kohler stages 36" mounted wrong ways about.
The refrigerator is a SubZero and the freezer is a Thermador Freedom Column.
The warming drawer is a Miele.
The microwave is my old countertop model given a spot under the island. I'm not a fan of built in microwaves.
Behind the range is a sheet of brushed stainelss steel.
The other backsplashes are beadboard painted to match the cabinets.

I think that about covers it. I'll be happy to answer any questions and thanks again to the gardenweb community.


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What should I keep in mind NOW for future kitchen remodel?

posted by: PAINTEDPEGGIES on 01.15.2012 at 11:50 am in Kitchens Forum

Hi all! I posted on the remodeling forum and they recommended posting here too, since you are all so knowledgeable, and helpful.

So, we are adding a bedroom onto our house by closing off our two story kitchen. (yeah, sorta weird, but that's what the house came with!) It is a 16'10" ceiling and obviously I will have a standard ceiling in my kitchen after they do the work.
I now have 6 pot lights and a center ceiling fan. They need to put new lights in the new ceiling when it is built.
We are not doing our kitchen reno yet, but hopefully will soon. I want to try to think ahead as far as the ceiling/lights so I don't have to re-do them in the future. Does that make sense?
We now have a big center island and I want to put in pendants over it. I just don't want to have a 'why didn't we think of that before??' moment when we decide it is time to do the kitchen.

Any tips/ideas would be great:)

here is an old pic from before we moved in...we now have an island in the space in front of the sink. It is 3' x 5' with an overhang for three stools.




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List of stuff in kitchens?

posted by: sautesmom on 07.17.2008 at 08:28 pm in Kitchens Forum

Now that I am getting close to actually installing my DIY kitchen, I am trying to imagine actually working in my new kitchen. First I think I want a cabinet with drawers, then a pull-out. I've been living without cabinets for so long (I'm sure I've hit a record!) that I am having a hard time visualizing what I will put in the cabinets I have decided on. I have planned on stuffing as many cabinets in the kitchen as possible because my house is very small and has literally no storage. But what will go in them all?

For those of you who have worked with kitchen designers, have you seen a list of things to go in cabinets/drawers? Such as pots, pans, lids, silverware; but also things like birthday candles, serving platters, etc.?

I'm hoping for a checklist so I can make sure I'm not forgetting something big.


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What should I keep in mind NOW for future kitchen remodel?

posted by: PAINTEDPEGGIES on 01.10.2012 at 09:43 am in Remodeling Forum

So, we are adding a bedroom onto our house by closing off our two story kitchen. (yeah, sorta weird, but that's what the house came with!) It is a 16'10" ceiling and obviously I will have a standard ceiling in my kitchen after they do the work.
I now have 6 pot lights and a center ceiling fan. They need to put new lights in the new ceiling when it is built.
We are not doing our kitchen reno yet, but hopefully will soon. I want to try to think ahead as far as the ceiling/lights so I don't have to re-do them in the future. Does that make sense?

We now have a big center island and I want to put in pendants over it. I just don't want to have a 'why didn't we think of that before??' moment when we decide it is time to do the kitchen.

Any tips/ideas would be great:)

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RE: Let's see your window seats (Follow-Up #1)

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Building pantry within kitchen

posted by: PAINTEDPEGGIES on 01.04.2012 at 10:48 am in Remodeling Forum

Hi all,

I have a large kitchen with a big blank wall opposite my windows/sink. This wall is L shaped. I have limited storage so was thinking of bumping out the sides and building a pantry along the length of the wall. (basically turning the L into a U and adding a front with doors on it.)

However...the almost entire 'L' of the wall contains baseboard heating. Is there any way to deal with this? Do we have to move it? relocate it? leave it and build pantry around it?

I would love to make my blank wall a usable space...I hope someone can offer some suggestions! thanks!


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