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Wolf Convection Steam Oven - discussion, recipes, & questions

posted by: Jamie515 on 01.02.2013 at 10:46 am in Appliances Forum

Hi Everyone,

I am the Marketing Coordinator at the Sub-Zero Wolf Distributor in NY - I would like to use this thread to discuss the Wolf Convection Steam Oven. Any questions, concerns, issues, and experiences would be appreciated. Also - I would really appreciate if the owners out there could share any recipes or pictures they have of items they cooked or experimented with in the oven. We may even include your recipe in the new recipe guide our corporate chefs are creating.

Also � many of you have reached out to me for guides on the oven which I have been emailing so I will also use this forum to update you as new materials and recipes come out. Anyone else who is interested in the PDF�s for the Wolf Convection Steam Oven please email me an

And, please refer to this previous post for a lot of useful information on the oven.

Thanks so much and I hope to see some great recipes and feedback about the Wolf Convection Steam Oven!


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RE: Wolf steam oven yah or nay? (Follow-Up #47)

posted by: Jamie515 on 11.21.2012 at 09:55 am in Appliances Forum

Hi Sue,

Below are some cleaning instructions from the training manual. I would suggest trying the first option using a magic eraser. The descaling cycle you should run about twice a year to get rid of hard water buildup. There are also some cleaning instructions in your use and care guide on page 36. Hope this helps.

Allow the oven to run in the steam mode for 15 minutes to loosen stuck on particles. After 15 minutes, open the
oven and dip a corner of the magic eraser into some of the residual water left in the bottom of the oven. Scrub
off and stuck particles.

For patina or tough cleaning use a No Fume Easy Off spray, allow to sit for 2 hours � wipe clean with a towel.
Run a Steam cycle for 15 minutes and wipe clean and residual material.

Descale Setting: owner can either choose either "Descale Unit" or "Time to Descale". Descale unit will begin the
descaling process outlined below. Time to descale will allow the owner to predetermine an hours of use notifying
owner when they should descale.


Empty entire bottle of descaler into the water tank of the steam oven, undiluted. Allow the descaling mode to run.
The descaling mode will require two, rinsing cycles. During the period, the oven will ask you to empty the water
tank of its cleaning solution, and then refill it with clean water. The rinsing process, may take an additional rinse, if
this is the case, add warm water to the tank.

Regular non filtered tap water is recommended for use in the Convection Steam oven. Softened water is fine for
use. If the owner has a whole home water filter system or R.O. system then Mineral Water should be used to fill
the water tank.
If refilling the water tank during cooking only refill the water tank half full.


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