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Houseplant ID (driving me crazy!)

posted by: Olivia821 on 02.21.2013 at 06:31 pm in Name That Plant Forum

Hello there, I have been trying to identify this plant for nearly a year now and cannot seem to find anything remotely close on any key or identifier site. I would appreciate it so much if someone can solve this wee mystery I have on my hands.

I have received this plant as a clipping from my neighbor a little over a year ago, and that neighbor had no clue what it was. He was told it was strawberry, this this is in no way a strawberry plant. This plant is strictly a houseplant, and has never been outside. When it is a by a cold window, it is not very happy. It doesn't seem to be that woody, so I guess it would be more on the herbaceous side. It grows really well from clippings, and propagates fine in water. It doesn't climb, has no vines, but doesn't grow straight up; it kinda does the sprawling thing and hangs over stuff. The leaves are asymmetrical, and sometimes has a bit of a red tint to it (as seen in the picture). It has a little bit a hair on it, but it is in no way fuzzy. I've only seen it produce flowers, no fruit or seeds. The flowers are small and white and seem to pop up randomly, pertaining to no season and what not. It's hard to see but it looks like it has a perigynous ovary? I'm not sure. The petals are not radial symmetrical, perhaps bilateral? With 5 petals (this flower was kinda mangled, I've seen them with 4). The lower white part of the flower, what I assume is the ovary since it's like a little oval lump just there has these petal like fringes sticking off of it that run lengthwise.

I'm so sorry for such a horrible description and pictures, haha. Perhaps if people who know more about plants ask more questions I can find better words.

Thank you! I hope this helps >.<

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