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RE: backsplash indecision reigns supreme - need advice (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: kad2 on 06.13.2008 at 07:26 pm in Kitchens Forum

We have a busy granite (Juparana India Gold)and ended up putting in a simple polished limestone subway tile (Jerusalem Gold) with glass tile accents.



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Reposting with photos--finished kitchen

posted by: gracesantacruz on 07.12.2009 at 02:34 am in Kitchens Forum

OK, hope this works.

Like many others, we were benefited by many great ideas and inspiration on this forum. Thank you all so much!

What we did:
Painted the existing cabinets with Swiss Coffee eggshell
New crystal knobs and cup pulls
Demo-ed old tile countertop and put Caeserstone quartz countertop in Nougat
New sinks (Kohler) and faucets (Hansgrohe--spelling?)
All new appliances
Refrigerator--Jenn-Air floating glass side by side
Ovens--GE Monnogram Advantium, GE Monnogram wall-mount oven
Cooktop--Jenn-Air electric downdraft stainless

New backsplash--Hakatai glass and marble mosaic
New lighting
Existing Junker solid maple floor

"The Befores"


Nougat mitered
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Advice on how to finish edges of glass tile backsplash

posted by: lcl77 on 01.04.2011 at 12:50 pm in Kitchens Forum

We're in the process of finishing up the glass tile backsplash in our kitchen. On the edges where the glass tile does not abut against a cabinet or door moulding, it looks unfinished to me and I'm looking for advice on what people usually do in these situations. Here are photos of what the tile currently looks like.

Note that the grout hasn't yet been inserted between the tiles so that may contribute to the unfinished look.

1. Pic1 - tile ends with cabinet line in the middle of a wall so left edge is exposed
2. Pic2 - tile ends on wall perpendicular to cabinet so both top and right edges are exposed
3. Pic3 - a kitchen I saw which uses metal liners to finish off these edges.

So do you think that the edges need to have something like the metal liner to finish off their look? If not, what are alternatives?



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PoorOwner's kitchen remodel

posted by: poorowner on 11.16.2008 at 03:42 pm in Kitchens Forum

After lots of research..

My remodel begins: we are DIY using IKEA cabinets.

This thread is to keep you updated on progress and hopefully keep us motivated.

Old appliances and cabinets are gone.

Now we are TRYING to remove the paper, and there are lots of it everywhere.

In the kitchen area we have these bullet proof vinyl coated wallpaper, the stripper liquid will not penetrate, but a steamer helped. It seems to be a 2 stage process to remove the color layer, steaming, manually peeling, then let the stripper work on the backing.

DW helping with the wall paper removal in the dining area. Although I was working on the floor prep, we ended up working on the walls together.

Preparing floor for porcelain tiles: the luan removal was not fun. In my area our subfloor is over 1" thick plywood, and the people before us used extra long 2" staples to secure this layer. I choose to remove the staples instead of pounding them in. After the first 100 or so I have gotten very good.

Looking a little better.

Ikea did call us and says our order is ready to pickup. I think installing the cabinets will be more fun than this work. There are a few more steps to get the floor to tile-ready spec.


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RE: flush top mount sink? (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: pharaoh on 06.18.2009 at 12:48 pm in Kitchens Forum

Here is out apron front, flush mount, counter depth sink. It is installed almost flush with the counter (about 1/32" lower). Notice that this does not have a lip. It is simply butted up against the counter and the seam is siliconed. It has stood up to almost three years of use with no problems.

This is how I built the cabinet and installed the sink

Finished, flush mount.


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