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not liking my quartzite counters

posted by: bookworm4321 on 10.24.2013 at 10:13 am in Kitchens Forum

Has anyone else had buyers remorse? I shifted from perla madre because didn't have enough color, but this look so gray. I suspect with crackle tile BS will come out okay, but I just wanted to love it.


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Ridiculously small?

posted by: lvon145 on 10.14.2013 at 01:50 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Currently I have a 66" x 68" half bath. I am looking at converting it to a 3/4 bath. I will be putting in a 30 x 60 shower along the 66" wall, and there will be a window in the middle. Toilet will come out 27.5 and sink 12" opposite each other on the 68" walls. There is a pocket door opposite the shower on the other 66" wall. We would have to move plumbing. I have received several bids and I am just about ready to bite the bullet but I am getting cold feet. Will I really be able to turn around in there? The room is not going to get bigger, but I am doing this more for convenience as we do have other bathrooms to use. Is a 3/4 bath this size ridiculously small to use? Your thoughts, please? Thank you.

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Large white kitchen...PLEASE help me, I'm driving myself insane!!

posted by: maximbella on 10.02.2013 at 11:00 pm in Kitchens Forum

Can someone please help me out...I am officially driving myself nuts! I started out know exactly what I wanted (white cabs, calacutta marble countertops, etc.) and have come to realize that probably isn't the best idea with my two little babies (I have enough to stress about...can't add countertops into that). So I know at this point we are still going with white cabs, but that's about it at this point. I have checked out caesarstone frosty carrina and London grey, love both and will probably end up with one of those two. And that's where it ends for me. I would love to do a marble backsplash, but would that conflict with the countertops? Will it be too white - should I break it up by changing the island color? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!!


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Do you like your Viscont White granite counters?

posted by: Nan57 on 09.23.2013 at 03:12 pm in Kitchens Forum

Like so many others, I lust over Calcutta gold marble but budget simply won't allow that as an option :( We're looking at granites and of course, nothing is really close to the marble. The only thing I saw that I didn't hate was called Viscont White.

Does anyone out there have this in their kitchen? Are you happy with it? We chose brushed black pearl for the perimeter counters (white shaker cabs) and want the 'marble' look for the island (espresso shaker cabs).

Would love to see your pics, too. Anyone else with marble-envy please feel free to chime in ;)


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Is this counter too busy to use in entire kitchen??

posted by: lcskaisgir on 09.19.2013 at 11:35 pm in Kitchens Forum

I went to the stone yard today and fell in love w/this superwhite quartzite. My floors are a warm brown hardwood, perimeter cabinets will be white beaded inset, and island cabinets will be black stain.

My question you think this counter would be too busy to use in the entire kitchen or should it be used for the island only?


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