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Hoyas in LA California

posted by: mitzicos on 07.01.2011 at 07:11 pm in Hoya Forum

Hi everyone,
I know I asked this favor before but, time is coming and I'm going to LA next month..... I've been looking for hoyas there, but can't find any nursery that at least know the plant! I've been calling all the nurserys I found on google but no one seems to know what hoya is. Does any one knows if it is really difficult to find hoyas there? Can any one help me please? Thank you very much for any assistance you may give me! Mitzi


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HAVE: For postage - Apache War Dance, Hyperion, Jen Melon, Strut

posted by: twixanddud on 08.09.2013 at 07:21 am in Daylily Forum

I will send these for postage. I have at least two fans of each of these - please let me know which ones you're interested in. I would like to ship in two weeks or so.

Apache War Dance
Jen Melon
Strutter's Ball

Please contact me if you are interested - if anyone is in SE Michigan and wants to pick them up, they will get first priority.


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Cuttings for postage

posted by: rednofl on 04.05.2013 at 06:33 pm in Brugmansia Forum

Ive had a lot of people ask for cuttings and since we had a warm winter 2 years here in Fla. I have lots to trim Adora, National habitat, Equador White and a Yellow noid which is very fragrant. I also have a pink that will get huge 10 x 10 with 100+ flushes and really likes hot weather
I can send you 8 cuttings in a priority mail env for $6 if anybody else wants some. If you email me make sure to include your email addy as many of you have your email blocked by garden web somehow


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Albino Plumeria Seedling

posted by: gardenofthemuse on 10.18.2011 at 02:43 pm in Plumeria Forum

Hello all, you might remember I posted a while ago about purchasing "blue" plumeria seeds from ebay. Well they arrived, finally, and I planted about 200 or so of them.

They are sprouting nicely and looking good. One of them is pure cream or white color. I have seen this once with a desert rose seedling and it died in a few weeks, no chlorophyll I assume. Have any of you had a plumeria seedling like this? Anyone know if I can do something to help it stay alive or is the little guy doomed? I've posted a few pic's of it.


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HAVE: Iris Pups

posted by: aquawise on 07.12.2013 at 10:50 am in Iris Forum

As I dig and thin my Iris I find small pups or little new plants.I am setting these aside. I will have a small flat rate box full of these. I would give them to one person for the postage. there will be many colors mixed in. Please post here first. If there are to many for one box I will start another and the second poster will get this box and so on.


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HAVE: Hoya australis ssp. australis

posted by: denise on 09.13.2013 at 04:04 pm in Hoya Forum

Mine has gotten so large, I really have to give it a good whacking. I have lots of cuttings I will send for actual postage + $1/cutting, to cover my packing materials. I can send a package 12 oz. or less first class just about anywhere for $3.60 postage. If you'd like some, e-mail me through this site and give me your zip code. This is the fuzzy leaved subspecies - see photo below.

Denise in Omaha


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Can anyone spare a few Adenium seeds?

posted by: Mykel02 on 08.27.2013 at 02:02 am in Adenium Forum

Was looking at the plumeria forums and before you know it I'm in the adenium forums and I feel intrigued by them... so I would like to start growing them... cuttings are more expensive to ship so I'm asking if anyone has any seeds to spare? I can send an SASE (self addressed sealed envelope) if you would like... Send me an email for those who can help... Thank you...


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Anyone have any seeds to spare?

posted by: Mykel02 on 08.27.2013 at 01:50 am in Brugmansia Forum

I'm new to this forum in brugmansias and is curious by them...
I would like to grow them and seeds may be a start (cause cuttings are more expensive to ship even if anyone does have any to spare)... I anyone has seeds to spare that would be much appreciated... I could send an SASE (self addressed sealed envelope)... Send an email for those who can help... Thank you...

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Easy Propagation Chamber

posted by: little_dani on 10.05.2005 at 08:34 pm in Plant Propagation Forum

I make a little propagation chamber that is so easy, and so reliable for me that I thought I would share the idea. I have not seen one like it here, and I did look through the FAQ, but didn't find one there either. I hope I did not miss it, and I hope I do not offend anyone by being presumptive in posting this here.

That said....

This is what you will need.
A plastic shoebox, with a lid. They come in various sizes, any will do.

Soil less potting mix, half peat, half perlite, or whatever is your favorite medium.
A little clay pot, with the drain hole plugged with caulking or silicone. If this is a new pot, scrub it with some steel wool to be sure it doesn't have a sealer on it. You want the water to seep through it.
Rooting hormone powder or liquid, or salix solution from the willow tree.
Plant material, snippers. I am going to pot some Plectranthus (a tall swedish ivy) and a Joseph's Coat, 'Red Thread'. I already have some succulents rooted in this box. I will take them out and pot them up later, DH has a new cacti pot he wants to put them in.
You can see here, I hope, that I fill the clay pot to the top with rain water, well water, or distilled water. I just don't use our tap water, too much chlorine and a ph that is out of sight.

I pour a little of the hormone powder out on a paper plate or a piece of paper, so that I don't contaminate the whole package of powder. And these little 'snippers' are the best for taking this kind of cuttings.

This is about right on the amount of hormone to use. I try to get 2 nodes per cutting, if I can. Knock off the excess. It is better to have a little too little than to have too much.
Then, with your finger, or a pencil, or stick, SOMETHING, poke a hole in the potting mix and insert your cutting. Pull the potting mix up around the cutting good and snug.

When your box is full, and I always like to pretty much fill the box, just put the lid on it, and set it in the shade. You don't ever put this box in the sun. You wind up with boiled cuttings. YUK!

Check the cuttings every few days, and refill the reservoire as needed. Don't let it dry out. If you happen to get too wet, just prop the lid open with a pencil for a little while.
This is a very good method of propagation, but I don't do roses in these. The thorns just make it hard for me, with my big fingers, to pack the box full. All kinds of other things can be done in these. Just try it!



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Are these roots growing out of my Dragonfruit?

posted by: Mykel02 on 08.24.2013 at 12:38 pm in Container Gardening Forum

I checked my Draginfruit this morning and found root like things sticking out of the top branch... was wondering what they are? I'm new to growing dragonfruit so I don't know what these are...


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I need help identifying some of my plumeria...

posted by: Mykel02 on 08.16.2013 at 10:43 pm in Plumeria Forum

Hello guys!
I like plumerias and I have some at home... Some I bought and some were given to me... and most I don't know the name... Hope you guys can help me identify them... I'll be posting them one by one (kinda new to forums hehe)...


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Inflow turned into a branch

posted by: Mykel02 on 08.14.2013 at 05:20 am in Plumeria Forum

So I was at a friends house to help trim their plumeria and maybe gat a cutting or two, to my surprise I saw a branch growing out of an inflo... It's new to me cause I didn't even know that was possible...
Should I cut it and plant it separately or should I just let it stay on the cutting?


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