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Blum vs Hettich

posted by: joelm1822 on 01.23.2012 at 10:50 pm in Kitchens Forum

We are looking at two cabinet suppliers. One uses Blum hardware, the other Hettich. My understanding is that both are excellent. Does anyone have specific experience comparing the two? I am most concerned about the Hettich since there are so many more opinions about Blum. Easy to open the drawers?

Thank you


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RE: Granite slab comments needed (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: live_wire_oak on 11.02.2013 at 07:12 pm in Kitchens Forum

Granite slabs average around 58"x 108". Some shorter, some longer.

With your island being 94"x44", that's one whole slab right there. There won't be enough left over out of it to do anything but maybe a vanity. Not enough for the perimeters.

Your perimeters are 111" which is longer than most granite slabs. So, you'll need a seam. Granite that has lots of movement in the stone tends to have seams that are difficult to make look right without a lot of care. You can get a black section next to a white section and it looks like two jigsaw puzzle pieces that don't fit. A good match looks like two puzzle pieces that DO fit together.

To get the best possible seam, you get what is called bookmatched slabs so that the seam can be a mirror image of the other slab. Granite slabs are sliced up like bread, but with the faces facing each other being buttered (polished) so that it transports without scratching the other face. When a seam is bookmarked, the veins flow across it, sometimes in a "butterfly" pattern.

The fabricator is the most important part of getting a good countertop. Not the stone. Do your homework there and see their past work, especially the seams, before you let them touch any stone.


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RE: Undercabinet lighting dilemma and disappointment (Follow-Up #29)

posted by: jakuvall on 11.01.2013 at 12:34 pm in Kitchens Forum

sjhockeyfan- yes they do.

Bear in mind that lumens are a measure that is accompanied by distance from the light source. IOW for most undercabinet tape lights I use warm Loox LED 2015. These provide 400 lx at 9-13/16", and drop to 140 lx at 19-5/8". I have had customers dim these but it is easier to dim than add light :) I find them brighter than my aging Juno Trak 12's set at 4" but then I need to replace some bulbs.

I typcially use the 2013 tapes for in cabinet tasks and (often need them dimmed once we've achieved an even light level) which are 200lx and 70 lx respectively.
Cool lights typically provide greater lumens.
Other notes:
I always have tape lights set at a slight angle (usually 30 degree blocking) toward the back splash when in shallow channels. Doesn't work out well with deep channels used for very dark shiny counters.

- dimming LEDs drop the kelvin temperature.
-the other factor with LEDs besides Kelvin is CRI- color rendering index- how colors will appear. While cool always have a higher CRI- the CRI from brand to brand can vary.

I'm convinced that CRI has a bearing on perception of brightness- higher CRI seems to appear brighter- But that is just an opinion based on observation, have never bothered to research that. (Maybe I should go to another LED seminar and ask :)


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