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RE: What was your first rose? (Follow-Up #38)

posted by: Mizu on 06.03.2013 at 02:59 pm in Roses Forum

Climbing Don Juan. 1993. I was pregnant with my first of three sons. My mother bought one too.

I like so many others of you came from gardening "roots" - where grandma grew peaches and grandpa complained about the geraniums. Both sides were heavy gardeners with fruit, vegetables, roses, and ornamentals. Mom had some red roses on a fence intertwined with honeysuckle. Ahh, the first honeysuckle smell in the spring is like heaven.

As an adult, at my first house where Don Juan was planted I ended up having many roses. When we moved, I tried to move them with me, all but Don Juan as he was just too big. Queen Elizabeth was the only one to make it. We had bought an old farmhouse with a house and garden that both needed to be restored. We are now eight years into it and my rose collection grows yearly - through successes and failures and whoops I really shouldn't have planted that there's (like the Cherokee rose with the fishhook thorns by the back door ;)

Yesterday, my love took me to chamblee's in Tyler to buy 17 roses for 17 years this June 11th. We ended up with 26. Oh how my garden grows...and the stories it tells, on what truly an amazing life I am having.

Have a wonderfully blessed day y'all!


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