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RE: How do I stabilize a possible hybrid? (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: carolyn137 on 04.03.2013 at 08:19 am in Growing Tomatoes Forum

Accidental crosses happen all the time for many of us, so we'll assume your NOT ARGG is a hybrid from accidental cross pollination.

I've dehybridized a couple of them, OTV Brandywine being one, and also a known hybrid, Ramapo F1.

Taste that red one to be sure it's something you like b/c there no sense going ahead if you don't like the taste as I see it. I once had 3 plants out of Cherokee Green for seed production, two of them gave ivory fruits and the tastge was absolutely lousy so I never pursued it.,

Then save seeds from several fruits, now called the F2 seeds.

Put out as many plants as you can from the F2 seeds and look for red fruited plants whose fruits taste good. Save seeds from one of them, now called the F3 seeds and if another plant looks good, save F3 seeds from tha tone as well. If it were me I'd go with just one line since it really does get to be a lot of work as well as space needs if you work with more than one line.

So repeat the above, saving F4 seeds, do it again, if need be and keep repeating until all seeds give rise to the same plants/fruits at which time you can name it if you wish,

Below I've linked to Keith's excellent website which will explain about genetic segregation, which is what's happening as you plant out each season. And he also tells you, on average, how many generations it takes to get a fully OP ( open pollinatged) variety.

It's not going to be called Aunt Ruby's Red, I hope, b'c it's no longer Aunt Ruby, LOL

Where I read and post there are several from New Zeland and they get their seeds sent from some darn good seed sites here in the US and/or trade seeds with others,but I have to admit that I'm not a fan of trading b'c of getting crossed seed although it has worked out for many.

Hope that helps,


Here is a link that might be useful: Keith Muller site


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