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Lawn Ants

posted by: buford on 07.18.2012 at 08:59 pm in Lawn Care Forum

Hi, we just noticed a bunch of ant holes in our lawn, very small ants. I normally wouldn't care, but we also have patches around them that are browning. We've had a lot of rain after it being very hot and dry.

Can these ants harm the lawn? Should we put down something like Spectracide to get rid of them? We've been noticing a lot of ant hills this year, but these are the first actually in the lawn. Here is a pic of one of the mounds.


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Los Angeles Chicken & Cow manure on Lawn

posted by: Miguel_Z on 07.08.2012 at 09:33 pm in Lawn Care Forum

I'm planning to spread a mixture of cow and chicken manure on an established lawn. The lawn has some St. Augustine, a bit of bermuda and a bunch of unkown death grass. Some grass is strating to grow were the death grass is. Any advice with the manure, how much to spread? how to spread? when to spread? any comments welcomed


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