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Mixing tiles on kitchen backsplash?

posted by: kaleyna on 08.25.2014 at 07:09 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi everyone,

I just got new granite countertops in my small townhouse kitchen. I am now trying to decide on a backsplash and I am trying to keep costs down so I am getting tile from Home Depot. I found two I like (one is a curvy lantern pattern tile and one a smaller block subway tile, both in white)

Two walls will have tile from the counter to the underneath of the cabinets. One wall and one small section will just have a short row of say two tiles high along them. I do like the curvy one but then I'll have to find a pencil trim to use where the tile goes up on the wall but not under the cabinet as well as on the ends.

What do people think of mixing the two tile styles? Have two rows of the subway tile everywhere where the wall meets the countertops and then the curvy tile up to under the cabinets on the sink and range walls and using the subway to finish the tops where they are not under cabinets? Too discordant?

I can't find the smaller subway tiles in matte white which is my preference :) so I'd have to get the curvy in glossy and hope the two whites are a good match. I am painting the cabinets white as well and using either dark bronze or stainless look handles.



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