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kitchen layout help!

posted by: MStolp on 09.12.2011 at 07:40 pm in Test Forum

I am a stay at home mom desperate for some kitchen workspace. I love to cook, however my kitchen doesn't function well for me at all. This was my first try with a layout drawing so please bare with me. My kitchen is 11'10" by 11'5". There are 3 doorways, one going to the back of the house(bedrooms and half bath), laundry room, and into the living room. My dining room is 11'6" by 11'5". If I can figure out how to get this picture on here, any suggestions would be appreciated! I am at a loss of what I could possibly do, there are so many "things" in the way, like thermostat on half wall between the dining room and living room, heat vents on wall sticking out between kitchen and dining and this almost 3 ft. space with a metal duct of some sort in it between kitchen and living. Let me know if you have questions from this drawing. Sorry in advance :)

Image link: kitchen layout help! (28 k)


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