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Novalis peel-and-stick vinyl planks -- feedback? (Cont)

posted by: LuGal78 on 06.22.2011 at 02:41 pm in Flooring Forum

Hi Folks!

I wanted to follow up with this topic as I think there is many expressed pros and cons regarding Novalis peel and stick planks. I can only advise with my experience with these planks and I can say that I have not had one plank lift after I put them in two months ago. Here is the pictures of the work in progress when I laid the planks from beginning to end of installation....


Please be aware of your floor surface. I can't say this enough... I read that there are different remedies when handling the many different surfaces when laying these down (do not assume the self stick glue will be strong enough).

In my case, I only had to deal with old vinyl flooring. I still swept, mopped and made sure that the floor was clean before applying Henry's tile primer which I totally suggest as it makes the tiles stick real good. A pain if you have to pick the tiles up for adjustments though!

My hands and body hurt for two days after I installed the floor but the pain was welcomed.

For those who are worried about dog's nails scratching the vinyl planks. Let me tell you, I have two Black Labrador girls (BIG dogs) and the floor is withstanding their nails, my heels and me being clumsy and dropping things on it! The dogs do slip and slide but other than that, the tiles are handling the abuse. LOL I actually installed these on the steps down to the basement (where my girls stay during the day) and there has been no lifting nor scratches. The girls go up and down those steps daily!

I can say that the floor when laid properly does last and withstands a lot. Of course, don't go scratching it with sand paper or stabbing it with a knife because I can guarantee that no vinyl will outlast that kind of torture!!! =)
But if you are looking for a inexpensive upgrade... I totally suggest this flooring.

Here's what my kitchen looks like now!
I hope this helps anyone out there with questions!!! =)



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Novalis peel-and-stick vinyl planks -- feedback?

posted by: beedrew on 09.06.2006 at 11:02 am in Flooring Forum


I'm new here and looking for good/bad feedback from anyone who has used the Novalis peel-and-stick vinyl planks available for about $1 each from Lowe's. I need an economical floor covering for a basement, going down over cement slab. It also must be a DIY solution as we are on a tight budget and this is a large space.

I saw some Pergo at HD for about the same price but was told not to buy Pergo-type unless I was willing to spend at least $4 sq ft. Plus it would be harder for me and my husband to do the install ourselves, as we're newbies.

Years ago I used peel-and-stick vinyl tiles in a condo that I owned, and it worked out GREAT -- looked wonderful and never peeled up. My neighbors bought it after seeing my floor. But I think it was an Armstrong product and they aren't making peel-and-stick vinyl planks anymore -- pretty much nobody is except Novalis. Plus I had no kids then and had the $$ for professional installation.

I brought home samples of the four available colors Lowe's has -- Golden Oak, Natural Oak, Gunstock Oak, and Summer Cherry. All of the Oak ones have an embossed pattern to them -- an attempt to look like wood grain. The Summer Cherry is more smooth, but it's somewhat dark for a basement and it looks like it will show dust more than the other ones.

So I am wondering, for those who might have used this product:

- How does it hold up? Any edges peeling up?
- Easy / hard to keep clean?
- Does it look "fakey" -- any more than Pergo sometimes does?
- How do you like the color you chose? Is the embossing a problem?

Any feedback at all would be most welcome.




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