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RE: Island or table? (Follow-Up #12)

posted by: sparklekitty on 11.01.2010 at 10:50 am in Kitchens Forum

I struggled with this. I am a kitchen table girl at heart, but we decided on an island for more storage. I am surprised that I love the results, probably better than a table, but it was because of how we laid it out. Our kitchen is about 14' wide by 18'. We have an L layout Our long wall has a pantry cabinets, and sink with window, the short wall has stove and fridge. Room is mostly open to the dining room along the other short wall, which has an extension table that can open for 10 or even 12 if you get cozy.

Our island is 39" x 84" (I think) with four table legs and can seat 5 people along three sides. I really love the compromise. I can pull up a chair or just stand and cook and have friends or my kids at the island with me. I actually like that the kids are higher than they would be at a table - really on the same plane with me and it feels like they are more part of what I am doing. I find myself often bringing my cooking to the island to be with who is there, versus doing all my prep around the perimeter and putting my back to people (which i would normally do if there was a table.) I found that I only sat at the table (in the previous configuration) to work if I was doing a long job (snapping beans or pealing shrimp) versus other jobs that involve moving around.

At a table you really have to sit, the island is more flexible so I an stand or sit to work.

But I sacrificed the look of a nice warm wood table. I think I could have designed the island to be even more table like - even had it build as a farm table that basically sat over a couple of cabinet boxes - I think that could work.

Not trying to sell the island, but wanted to share my surprise in how well it works for us.

This is not the best photo and the kitchen is still in progress, but you get the idea. On the far side you can also sit in front of the stove.



Exactly my dilemma and proposed solution - love to hear the positive outcome
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