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Paul Robeson growers

posted by: joy_unspeakable on 01.08.2009 at 04:27 pm in Growing Tomatoes Forum

I need your help.

For the past three years I have attempted to grow Paul Robeson tomatoes. The first year we'll just chalk up to the fact that I did not know what I was doing. Second year, beautiful plants, but never set fruit. Last year, plants made it through the summer (not beautiful though), no fruit. I give a few plants to my aunt each year, and the second year hers put on a lot a fruit just before the first frost (we found out that Paul Robesons make really good fried green tomatoes).

I live in the piedmont of NC, just north of Charlotte. Some research that I've done says PR are well suited for cool climates. Should I try to plant them earlier? later? or are they just not going to grow well here? Looking for advice from someone with experience with these.

Thanks in advance!!


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