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Builder installing flooring over muddy subfloor

posted by: LisaInPA on 01.25.2014 at 08:05 pm in Building a Home Forum

We are due to close in two weeks, and today we caught the subcontractors in the act of installing our carpets over the dirty, muddy sub flooring. We have had lots of snow and rain during our build, and they took no precautions to keep the mess from being tracked inside. The beautiful, expensive upgraded hardwood they installed last week also was completely covered with dirt, mud, and grime when we stopped by today. All the tubs and showers are also filthy with mud from the subcontractors shoes. At this point I feel like the place will never feel clean to me. Needless to say we are livid, and at this point have lost all faith in this builder. Any advice? We are seriously thinking about trying to end our contract.


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