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Rim Joist Insulation/Basement finishing steps

posted by: mav3481 on 12.10.2011 at 04:03 pm in Basements Forum

Hello all,

Quick question...

I am working on finishing parts of my basement (after a gut).

I tore out 1" styrofoam insulation and some old Fiberglass Batts in the studs.

My plan is this:
1. Caulk all rim joists with spray foam where the sill meets the foundation (poured foundation)
2. Buy Roxul insulation and cut to size for rim joists cavity.
3. Cover Roxul insulation by installing a 1x2 to each side of joist and screwing either (a) cement board or (b) green board. What do you recommend?
4. Glue 2" XPS to walls (do I need to attach any other way?)
5. Frame and electrical
6. Install FG Batts (maybe, not sure if necessary)
7. Drywall (tape, mud, etc)
8. Party

What do you think of this? I know worthy is the best person on the insulation piece and I've read alot. I don't have any moisture problems in the area I'm working in.


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