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Looking for dinnerware that doesn't get grey cutlery marks

posted by: raehelen on 10.10.2013 at 01:38 pm in Kitchens Forum

I am cross-posting this cuz the original post was on Home Decor which I rarely frequent. I am posting the link below.

I am reviving this thread, as I am looking to replace/upgrade my everyday stoneware dishes. Was thinking I wanted to get plain white, but while shopping did find I was drawn to the colourful stoneware dishes...
Part of the reason I wanted to replace my current set was the grey (Now I know from cutlery) marks all over the dishes. From reading this post, I cleaned them all off with BKF, magic eraser didn't work at all. Totally amazed at how new they all look, but many of the plates have chips under the rims, so am going to buy new. After doing research on the web for a few days, it is not 100% clear how to avoid those cutlery marks on dinnerware, various opinions blamed the SS count, ie whether is was 18/10, 18/8 etc. I have a feeling it is the stoneware that marks up the most. My porcelain and my good china dishes aren't marked. DH says it's because they're not used as much. He's right, they don't get much use, but I'm wondering if those of you who DO use porcelain or bone china daily still get grey marks.

To make it even harder, just got an email today that Ikea is putting their Fargrik 6 place setting stoneware set on sale for $19.99! Maybe I just buy 2 sets of that for now, and wait to fall in love with some coloured/patterned set and buy when it's on sale. Still won't address the grey cutlery marks...

So, I'm not opposed to 'upgrading to china or porcelain', just have always had stoneware as my everyday dishes. Probably would like to stay around $15-20 (or less) per place setting. Can wait to buy till it's on sale, don't like the look of Corelle, don't want something that looks bargain basement, ie plates all wonky---poor quality control, blobs of glaze, etc. I'm in Canada, so recommendations that are available here really appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: I'd like to find white dishes that will stay white!


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