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RE: old or english roses in Z10 SWFL (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: imagardener2 on 03.29.2009 at 01:02 pm in Florida Gardening Forum

Thanks for photo of Duchesse. I always like photos :-)

I have stayed away from English roses after reading they do less well in SWF conditions than heirloom teas, chinas and noisettes. I love fragrant roses so knockout roses are out for me for that reason.

There are many antique roses we can grow better here in sub-tropical Florida than anywhere else in the U.S., lots of the China and tea roses (not meaning hybrid tea) and noisettes. If only they were available at my corner nursery, alas not.

So...I mail order and get small roses that stay potted for a year to get big enough to safely put in the garden. And search plant sales for sellers of old roses. And trade with GW buddies who are good at starting cuttings from theirs.

Marcia has given you some good names. My favorites are the big, many-petalled, fragrant old kinds. Duchesse de Brabant fills that bill but there are SO many others.

Here are some websites:

Good luck.


archduke charles

sawyer plot tea (named after the cemetery plot it was found in)


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RE: Things that won't grow in Florida (Follow-Up #25)

posted by: garden_party on 07.19.2005 at 12:27 pm in Florida Gardening Forum

I moved from up North (South Carolina) to Florida some years ago and have been growing old and a few new roses. Most will grow, but these won't bloom:
Blaze (red climber)
Mermaid (old climber)- no bloom
Zephirine Droughin ( only a few blooms with massive care)
Gallicas - not cold enough
New Dawn - No bloom (White Dawn however will bloom)
Hybrid Teas if NOT on Fortuniana root stock (must read labels)
Old Blush- blooms ball up and rot big time
Roses that love Florida and will bloom: (not a complete list)- little or not disease
Sunsprite (yellow floribunda)
La Marne (pink double blooming shrub seen in masses at Walt Disney)
Mutabilis (butterfly rose) single blooming- 6ft multicolored
All Chinas - Ducher (white), Louis Phillip(red), Hermosa (small pink and pretty), Gruss and Teplitz (red), Napoleon (pink - 4 foot). These grow well on their own root here +++
Teas - some spray is required - Safrano (apricot/yellow), Gloire de Dijon (Peach -noisette mix - climber) blooms are full, and gorgeous cottage fashion, Mrs BR Cantt Pink/Silver center, voluptuous blooms (bush is huge), Miss Atwood (peach),and Lady Hillingdon (yellow classic tea form).
Bonica -3 ft pink shrub with perfect little blooms.
Noisettes - notoriously are all good for disease and rebloom here. Examples are: Crepuscule (apricot/yellow climber), Madame Alfred Carriere (White), Blush Noisette, Marchel Niel (yellow climber/only intermittent blooms, but is the character of this rose at its best),and Alister Gray (yellow/cream tree climber).
Best Hybrid Teas: Don Juan (red), Garden Party (white with pink edge), Double Delight (red and white blend), may be many others, but I grow few of them.
Iceberg - White bush or climber (makes a good tree rose)
Prosperity - White climber
Red Cascade or Alachua (found in Alachua County Florida)blood red mini 6 foot climber. Good for hanging basket as well.
White Dawn - forget New Dawn (won't bloom)
Sally Holmes - hydrangea like peach buds open to big white clusters. Best grown on a fence or wall for support (can get 10ft either way)-blooms continuous, with breathtaking Spring flush.
Rugosa - F.J. Grootendorst (looks like pink serrated edged carnations)- no disease (rugosas do not get black spot)
Fairy - Pink polyantha cluster blooms on small bush (thorny)easy to root.
Ballerina - Pink and white single Hybrid Musk
Felicia - Pink/yellow blend Hybrid musk - scent is sweet and strong.
Joseph's Coat - show stopper for yellow/orange/red blooms. 6 foot climber.
Sweet Chariot - purple 2-3 foot mini - sweet scent
Pink Pet - pink small polyantha
White Flower Carpet (easy to root)-good edging & lovely buds
Knockout - red single (however, I don't grow because the bright color is a little noxious to my eye)
Bourbon - Souvenir de la Malmaisson - White with pink blush - gorgeous old cottage blooms and scent is scrumptous.
Old English (Austins)- get your spray bottle out, but for some it is worth it for that bloom and scent that most have.
I grow only a few, because of the disease. Evelyn (full peach/yellow blend quartered blooms). Some say the best scent of any rose. I'm one of those.

I know this is a rose forum theme, however, Florida has specifics for this whole arena that is not discussed much there. Also, I know there are many that I don't grow or know of that may work well here, but this list I do know from my own experience. Hope someone can benefit. I know you could write a book just on roses in Florida.

Also, there is a secret to growing Hostas in Florida. Plant them in their pots, and pull the pots up in the winter to give the roots the extra cold exposure they long for. An oldtimer who runs a nursery here in NE Florida gave me that advice. He found it out by accidentally leaving some hostas in pots out over the winter. There was die back, but the plants came back with vigor.


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Peonies for the South ! ! !

posted by: plsgrow on 06.09.2004 at 03:38 pm in Peonies Forum

From two different books that I have borrowed from the library here is a list of Peonies that allegedly do well in the southern heat. The recommendations are all early blooming plants. Based on the theory that later blooming peonies will bake in the hot south before they will bloom.
Second, this list of peonies does Not intend to infer or to indicate that they will not do perfectly well as far north as Canada. For example, 'Lady Alexander Duff' was introduced and recommended for Canadian gardens in the 1920's and is still recommended for that area today.

Avoid Extremely Heavy Doubles, Plant Early Blooming Varieties.

Recommended for the south:

'Kansas' a red double
'Miss America' white
'Moonstone' a blush double
'Sword Dance' outstanding red of Japanese form
'Big Ben', 'Bowl of Beauty', 'Carol', 'Dawn Pink','Kelway's Glorious', 'Lady Alexander Duff'

The following two are particularly recommended for zone 8:
'Mt St Helen' and 'Picotee'.

Excerpts from "Peonies" by Alan Rogers and "Peonies" by Jane Fearnley Whittingstall.



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RE: Can peonies be grown in Southern California? (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: dppeony on 07.20.2005 at 07:56 pm in Peonies Forum

Did you find out WHEN you should start the 400 hours of cold? I purchased a double pink this spring and it had been pre chilled by the nursery. I can't dig it out but I am going to try to simulate winter by covering the soil with ice. I hope that it works. My plant actually had six blooms. They were so pretty. I must have more.


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RE: new homeowner & gardener who does of peonies everywhere (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: kousa on 05.17.2013 at 08:24 pm in Peonies Forum

If you want to buy peonies, the following are good vendors with a wonderful selection of peonies. .

I have bought from 1,2,3,4, 9. They are all good. Some have better prices than others. Gilbert wild has good prices but sometimes they send mislabeled peonies. I have not purchased from 5,6,7,8. The cheapest local place to buy peonies for me is Costco during April.


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