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HAVE: Echinopsis (Barrel) Cactus for Tillandsia or Rope Hoya

posted by: LatinLady on 08.11.2013 at 12:28 pm in Plant Exchange Forum

I have over 40 fully rooted and will trade 2" tall Echinopsis (Barrel Cactus) for the following:

- Tillandsia air plants (non grass / non moss)
- Indian Rope Hoya cutting (with attached root & thriving)

Prefer thick, interesting, variegated / rich green / colorful leaves. If Tillandsia attached to small piece of organic matter / bark, splendid! Would love to receive different types of Tillandsia from different regions!

Pretty please with sugar on top?? I really want to begin working with these marvelous plants to see how they fare as NYC houseplants.

Thank you so much!


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HAVE: Etiolated Opuntia pads in need of good home

posted by: LatinLady on 08.11.2013 at 01:00 pm in Plant Exchange Forum

Hi, everyone!

I live in New York and only have window sills to offer my poor plants. Unfortunately, some of the cacti are badly etiolated for lack of sun.

What I thought was a San Pedro, reverted to a juvenile and turned into a Fairy Castle Cactus. This cactus grows as one stalk up to 8 feet in the Caribbean!

My opuntia just grew as one stacked 6" pad on top of another. It was so bad, I had to separate the pads into several smaller pots because I had a 6-pad "daggar" on my hands.

Now I have 4 rooted pads turning into 4 daggars and a 3-pad cactus on it's way to daggar city! This opuntia is supposed to grow into a beautiful, balanced, thick plant with "Bunny Ears" and flowers, then grow delicious Cactus Pear fruit. This is how it grows in the Caribbean, but in NYC...

So I have 5 Opuntia - 4 rooted single pads and a 3-pad plant - All skinny and etiolated. I will have to cut down that 3-pad plant for mailing. If anyone is interested in giving my poor butchered & skinny Opuntia (Tuna/Nopal) plants a warmer, sunnier, outdoor home, please let me know. I will ship bare root.

I can also throw in a rooted pup or two from one or two other cacti. I have Echinopsis and Cereus, as well, that need thinning out. Just let me know if you want them. The Cereus is supposed to grow one single 8' stalk when planted outdoors - If you cut it into 3 parts, all 3 parts will root, so easy to propagate. The Echinopsis is a Barrel Cactus that grows about 8" tall in an hour-glass shape and throws off tons of pups (with aerial roots) once it's matured (about 2-3 years). Also, if you cut it straight across, that piece will root, so also easy to propagate.

Interested primarily in finding a good home for these so they have an opportunity to grow properly & fruit. Will swap/trade for interesting succulent / cactus / variegated Rope Hoya / Tillandsia (non moss/non grass) air plants. I like interesting, undulated, ruffled, variegated colorful and "different" or "odd" plants - The kind that people point to and say, "What on earth is that?"

I already have and do not want the following, but all else are welcome:
- Deep green Jade (variegated varieties welcome)
- Stapelia
- Haworthia
- Huernia
- Opuntia Mycrodaisis
- Cereus (Fairy Castle Cactus)
- Echinopsis (Barrel Cactus)
- Kalanchoe
- Christmas Cactus
- Easter Cactus
- Sansevieria Cylindrica (African Spear)
- Sansevieria Trifasciata (Snake Plant)
- Euphorbia (Dragon Bones)
- Aloe
- Marginata
- Hawaiian Schefflera (Umbrella Tree)
- Chinese Evergreen
- Dieffenbachia

First Come/First served.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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