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Xeriscaping California: Low water plants that don't spread?

posted by: LambOfTartary on 09.09.2012 at 06:10 pm in Southwestern Gardening Forum

We're xeriscaping our lawn and don't really trust our current landscaper to put in the right plants. He's more concerned with aesthetics, but we keep emphasizing practicality. We're paying $8 a square foot for conversion, not including the removal of the old lawn, possibly another $2500 for an 800sq foot lawn.

Our concern is that a lot of low water plants seem to spread like crazy. Our yard currently has a lot of these invasive plants like bermuda grass, ice plants, running bamboo, and asparagus ferns. The yard was put in by the previous owner and while it looks super green (despite us having never watered it) it is a nightmare to maintain because everything grows like crazy.

I have googled some low water, non-invasive plants but we also want low maintenance. These need to be plants that someone with a brown thumb can maintain without the use of heavy machinery. I have shears, a branch trimmer, and recently learned the joys of a weed whacker.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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