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RE: help, all my garlic keeps dying with pics (Follow-Up #10)

posted by: Kranberriz6 on 01.27.2013 at 07:10 pm in Vegetable Gardening Forum

I have some wonderful Top-Setting Garlic, planted last March that I brought from my parents' garden in Idaho, Zone 4. They grow tiny bulbs on the flower and many of those sprout and make flowers of their own..some of which make a 3rd sprout. All without ever touching the ground. Hopefully I will have some of the tiny bulbs available on the Seed Trading Forum this fall.Read up on them a bit and found out they were considered extinct for a few decades so I want to do my part to help spread them out to as many gardeners nationwide as possible so that never happens again. They also set normal-sized underground bulbs that can be dug and used or divided after the 2nd Fall. Only place they don't seem to thrive is zones 9,10, and 2.


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