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Layout Help Please

posted by: Kitchenin2013 on 01.02.2013 at 02:12 pm in Bathrooms Forum

We are remodeling our master bedroom to include a bath and a walk-in closet. Hoping someone here can look at our layout and provide feedback on any obvious issues. There are a few constraints to our layout:

1) The entrance to the room has to stay where it is.

2) The location of bathroom in relation to the bedroom should stay where it is generally, although the individual items can be moved.

All the windows are new construction. Since we're replacing a window of the same size with a slider, we prefer that it stay where it is, but we're open to suggestions.
Thank you in advance!


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Layout Help Please

posted by: Kitchenin2013 on 01.02.2013 at 01:45 pm in Kitchens Forum

We decided to save money on a kitchen designer and are now asking for your help with our kitchen layout. Here are our known issues that we've tried our hardest to resolve:

1) 3ft between the dishwasher and island is narrow so we're floating the island instead and adding a floor outlet underneath.

2) we have a fireplace that we can't get rid of so we have to work around it.

3) we'd like to keep appliance and plumbing (sink is moving 2.5 ft over) generally where it is.

So, apart from our known issues, can anyone see anything else?

1) We decided not to go with a OTR microwave and instead a counter top micro in an upper cabinet between the ref and the range.

2) We also went against a counter-depth ref and are going with a large 31cf one so we're increasing the cabinet depths of the lowers and uppers only along this wall to 28" base, 16" uppers, and 29.5" counters. Are there any issues with keeping the lower cabs in the adjacent and opposite walls at the standard 24"? We want symmetry so will it be too odd, especially with the corner uppers flanking the 12' window?

3) We have an existing skylight that we're not sure what to do with. It use to center the kitchen, but we've expanded the space now so it's off center. We're thinking either: a) moving it center, b) adding a second one on the other side, c) removing it entirely. We'd like cost balanced against function.

All of your ideas are soooo much appreciated. Thank you.


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