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Pantry door handle opinions please

posted by: breezygirl on 12.18.2013 at 05:46 am in Kitchens Forum

Greetings! I took a small break from finishing the details on my kitchen over the summer to have fun with the kids and through the fall to concentrate on my new job as PTSO president at my son's school. I'm getting itchy now to complete the last little projects in the kitchen and around the rest of the house reno.

As I impatiently wait for my tile sample, my thoughts turned to the pantry door. I've been without a handle on the door for two years. Initially with my design, I thought the corner pantry door handle would smash into the stainless fridge so I researched softer, alternative door handles. I had the door installed with a ball catch instead of the traditional latch so my options are wide open. I settled on a leather strap similar to this:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Now that the kitchen is built, I see that the pantry door handle wouldn't impact the fridge so my options are open. My kitchen:
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos


1. I could use the same polished chrome door handle levers I installed in the rest of the house. The con here is that it might look strange mixing metals with the polished nickel RH Aubrey pulls in the kitchen.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Seen here in the background:
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

2. I could use the 8" spare RH Aubrey pull I saved as a backup. The upside to this is that it would match the kitchen. The down side is that it would be the only vertically placed pull in the entire kitchen. It would, however, be right next to the fridge which obviously has a vertically oriented handle.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

3. I could go with the leather strap anyway. It would be an interesting twist, but would it be too kitschy/fun? I seem to walk with one foot in the "let's have a little fun" side of the design spectrum with the other foot in the "I like clean, tight lines and don't want to fail at trying trying to use some whimsy so let's stay inside the box" side. Consequently, I don't always trust my judgement.

4. Something totally different.

5. And there's always the option of continuing to wait until the backsplash goes in.

Thoughts please! Thank you.


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RE: Reveal! High end cook's kitchen. Cherry, Miele, maple (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: will2kz on 07.16.2013 at 12:47 am in Kitchens Forum

Instead of becoming too verbose here, check out my other threads below. But of course ask any questions you want.
Stadium Thread
Blind corner
Butcher block prep island
Stages sink
Walk in pantry
If anyone knows how to post direct links to GW webpages let me know, they are getting redirected away for now. Sorry.

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RE: Photos of my almost done White and Walnut kitchen/mudroom rem (Follow-Up #19)

posted by: tl1969 on 11.01.2013 at 11:56 am in Kitchens Forum

Deedles, since you enjoyed seeing the inside of my drawers I thought I would show you a few more.

I love the way everything has a place in my new kitchen. For example, I used to have to pile pots and pans under my cooktop in a crazy way. Taking something out to cook on was a nightmare.
 photo GWUnderCooktopBefore_zps96577c0b.jpg

Now, I love taking out pots to cook. Everything has a home. It helps that I upgraded my pots so they would be induction-ready. You gotta love All-Clad ;-)

3 top drawers of pots photo image_zpsf60edea7.jpg

Bottom 3 drawers photo image_zps73b22441.jpg

The metal drawers in the center are cool
Metal drawer for pots photo image_zpsc3b1bfb8.jpg


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Photos of my almost done White and Walnut kitchen/mudroom remodel

posted by: tl1969 on 11.01.2013 at 12:32 am in Kitchens Forum

It's been a long, hard road, but the end is finally in sight! After all the hours of research I spent on this forum, I feel compelled to pay it forward. As some of you recall, I asked for advice on my floorplan many times and there were so many who responded, but I need to give a special shout out to rhome410 and bmorepanic who kept me sane and helped me fight my Kitchen Designer every step of the way ;-) Plus beekeeperswife, who chimed in many times with great ideas and kept me strong in the face of a ridiculous amount of stress and things going wrong on this project.

To give you a sense of how far we've come, this is the before shot
 photo GWOldBrownKitchen_zpsa2e2606c.jpg

And After

 photo GWFromCornerLookingToCooktop_zps1954fa00.jpg

And here is the kitchen from the West looking to the East
 photo GWKitchenAtNight_zpsde737da4.jpg
From the South looking to the North
 photo GWEntertainmentIslandAtNight_zpsecdc8339.jpg

And the North looking to the South, the grid windows in the sunroom were old, and I thought I could keep them.

 photo GWKitchenLookingtoSunroom_zps0ad26b5a.jpg

But, we just installed these panes of clear glass, from Sunrise, and they make a huge difference.
Daytime view of sunroom windows after panes of glass install photo image_zpse4e4cd3c.jpg

New fridge and microwave wall
 photo GWSub42_zps1cedea49.jpg

vs. the old fridge wall and microwave
 photo GWOldFridgeWall_zps2c62b355.jpg

We have dividers above the oven for cookie sheets, pizza stones, oversized serving trays, etc.

 photo image_zpsc5f6eccf.jpg

I put a drawer below the ovens for all of the GE Advantium Speed Oven's microwave and convection/oven trays, booklets, etc.

 photo image_zpse554cbef.jpg

Here's our first meal we cooked in the newly remodeled kitchen. Braised short ribs. The induction cooktop is such a pleasure to use.
 photo GWFirstDinnerBraisedShortRibs_zpsddcd6ee1.jpg

The backsplash behind the cooktop goes to the ceiling.
 photo GWBacksplash_zpsd3dbab0b.jpg

The Ticor Prep Sink I have is a knock off of the Kohler Stages, and I find it to be a really great design, especially with the Kohler Karbon faucet. The walnut cutting board was custom-made and fits and slides in the grooves of the sink, just like the colander that Ticor made.

 photo image_zps6c363747.jpg

 photo image_zpsfb483080.jpg

 photo GWPrepSink_zps3b8ff005.jpg

The Ticor built in colander with my garden bounty
 photo GWGardenVeggiesWashing_zpsb826174b.jpg

My Jenn Air Induction Cooktop has two bridge elements, which is nice when I want to use my cast iron griddle for pancakes, bacon, etc.
 photo GWInductionOil_zps97662b19.jpg

But, the corner chipped off about one week after it was installed, and no one knew how or why. I contacted Jenn Air, and they explained that the only way they are responsible is if the glass shatters due to thermal damage. This corner crack was clearly not near the thermal induction units, so I was SOL.

 photo image_zps8a1d8c83.jpg

I decided the chipped corner was in addition to being ugly, dangerous, as it is very sharp. Since I did not know how fragile the glass corners would be on a replacement top, I opted for the Euro Stainless framed version when I replaced it.

 photo image_zps24e342bb.jpg

 photo image_zpsf6c979ec.jpg

I actually think it looks even better with the stainless steel, so I am trying to focus on the silver lining to this $500 cloud of unforeseen replacement.

 photo image_zps7a00fda9.jpg

This shows the 42 inch Side By Side Sub Zero, the orbital finish with marine edge stainless steel countertop and the two ovens, GE Advantium Speed Oven and Wolf E Series oven. I pored over A2Gemini's photo of the two ovens together, before I pulled the trigger and bought them both. So far, they have both been great!

 photo GWIslandPendant_zpsf92f6a93.jpg

Closer shot of the glass display with my sterling silver
 photo GWSterling_zps5518945a.jpg

The wine cooler has a bubbly chandelier next to it, from, which I love, as it reminds me of champagne and sparkling wine.

 photo GWWineCoolerChandy_zpsddf8580c.jpg

 photo image_zpsed3cdb5b.jpg

I decided to take advantage of the few inches I had to the right of the wine cooler, and put in these liquor pull outs
 photo GWLiquorCabinet_zps7162a964.jpg

It is a miracle that I still have so many bottles left of wine and tequila after this remodel ;-)

Here is the cooktop wall, with seeded glass cabinets flanking the hood, and glass display to the left
 photo GWCooktopHood_zps872a35d0.jpg

 photo GWGlassDisplayCase_zps0b643e54.jpg

The tile is by Sonoma Tilemakers, the Vihara Annica Silk, 1 x 4 inch complements the Mother of Pearl Quartzite countertops and the walnut countertops.

 photo GWTruffleSinkwithKarbon_zps5df36ff2.jpg

The Truffle Silgranite sink by Blanco also works well with the Mother of Pearl countertops.

 photo GWTruffleSinkWithMOP_zpsfcd26598.jpg

This the view from the Living Room looking towards the sunroom, the sunroom stools are a great spot to watch all the kitchen happenings.
 photo GWStoolsInSunroom_zps33c5945b.jpg

Close up of the 10+ foot long walnut countertop in the sunroom, overlooking the clean up sink and prep sink area.
Walnut countertop up close photo image_zps1b1cdb99.jpg

And here is the view looking out to the backyard, the windows are new and make a huge difference with the space.
 photo GWSunroomTable_zpsf2a4df86.jpg

And the view from the kitchen's clean up sink towards the sunroom and living room, where I replaced the grid windows as well.

 photo image_zpse1fe8753.jpg

In the big island, directly across from the dishwasher and big clean up sink, I have large 36 inch long drawers that hold plates, bowls, tupperware, etc. I love not having to stack them on tall shelves.
 photo GWDishDrawer_zps38149bb9.jpg

The top drawers are full of organizers for knives, kitchen gadgets, etc.

 photo image_zps32c13775.jpg

 photo image_zpse3555388.jpg

 photo image_zpsbad8890c.jpg

Perlick Fridge drawers in the smaller "entertaining island" have drinks, and the sink has a Reverse Osmosis, both are convenient to the bar area for making coffee in the morning.

 photo GWPerlickDrawers_zps0e7a1f3f.jpg

Pantry between the breakfast bar and ovens.
 photo GWPantry_zps5ea4d508.jpg

I installed a Yellow Jacket central vacuum in the small island. There are vents to sweep up crumbs, under both islands, and it comes in handy across from the cat feeding area. The wood floors throughout the first floor are 5 inch wide rift and quartered solid white oak from Heidelberg Wood Flooring in Indiana.

 photo GWCentralVac_zps29653967.jpg

Here is the drawer where I put the cat food, treats, and bowls.
 photo GWCatDrawerOpen_zpsab1f543b.jpg

The corner cabinet is made by and makes me happy every time I open it to get something out as it is such an improvement over the old bermuda triangle that existed in my old kitchen in the exact same spot.
 photo GWCornerCabinet_zpsa2b98ad7.jpg

 photo GWCornerOpen_zps2033b393.jpg

 photo GWCornerCabinetOtherSideOpen_zps1e71f5c3.jpg

And the chandelier over the small island, close up so you can see the glass and the bubbles inside
 photo GWEntertainmentChandy_zpsb403faa8.jpg

Before this side of the kitchen was a lounge area
 photo GWOldKitchenLookingEast_zpsfadea924.jpg

What an improvement! We sit here all day long, the walnut and white stools are from Overstock and are so comfortable.
 photo GWEntertainmentIsland_zpsc939700f.jpg

The Wolf warming drawer is in the big island, and is directly across from the ovens. I put it there, so it is easily accessible for entertaining. I wanted the warming drawer to be close to my waist, so I would not have to bend over to reach stuff under the ovens when I have guests over.

The handles on all my cabinetry are Top Knobs, Princetonian model. I have plenty left over that I am looking to off load, if you are interested.

 photo GWWarmingDrawer_zps73811a14.jpg

Spice drawer next to cooktop
 photo GWSpicy_zps4a85b496.jpg

Before, I had a desk and a pantry along the wall that goes under the back stairwell.

 photo GWOldKitchenDeskPantry_zps58c138f4.jpg

But, I really wanted a breakfast bar, an idea I got from Mick de Giulio. That is what I put under the stairs in my remodel:
 photo GWApplianceGarageClosed_zpsbdad3246.jpg

Here is the appliance garage open with the toaster, juicer, etc. A marble sculpture of a pregnant woman, made by my late Mom, is on the countertop. I love having a piece of her in my kitchen! The cable boxes will be disappearing shortly, when I upgrade my receiver.
 photo GWApplianceGarageOPEN_zps9271c509.jpg

The trash pullout has recycling for paper and plastic as well as standard trash in front. Next to the clean up sink I have another pullout trash.
 photo GWTripleTrash_zpsaf39d759.jpg

Charging drawer
 photo GWChargingDrawer_zps436f32dd.jpg

Bread drawer with pull out walnut cutting board
 photo GWBreadDrawer_zps0cd7fef2.jpg

My crystal behind the hutch glass doors is like art, I love how the glass sparkles, with the LED lights shining on them. I love having all of my Grandma's crystal on display. She would have loved it!

 photo GWCrystalDisplay_zps437e1e87.jpg

 photo image_zps7c791e4a.jpg

The punch of color on my sliding doors is Benjamin Moore's Warm Earth and I love what is behind the door: my MUDROOM with radiant heat tile floors!
 photo GWMudroomDoor_zpsc2bc487e.jpg

 photo GWMudroomLeftSide_zpseff4ac60.jpg

And a utility closet for brooms, Swiffers, etc.
 photo GWMudroomUtilityCloset_zps56dbc047.jpg

Closet doors in mudroom closed
 photo GWCoatClosetsClosed_zpsd79dc0ae.jpg

And open, with storage on top and kids coats hanging on the bottom
 photo GWCoatClosetsOpen_zps2939f440.jpg

Pull out baskets are great for holding sunscreen, gardening gloves, mittens, etc.
 photo GWPulloutBaskets_zps802d9942.jpg

My stone countertops are Taj Mahal Quartzite, AKA Mother of Pearl Quartzite and are seemingly bulletproof. Taj Mahal countertops have cream, white, brown and gray in them, which tie together nicely the walnut and white cabinetry and the Revere Pewter paint on the walls.
 photo GWMOPCU_zps8e43dea8.jpg

Even rainy days are blissful in our new space.
Even rainy morningare beautiful in my new space photo image_zps1fea56e4.jpg

Thanks for reading.

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