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Zamioculcas Zamiifolia with mealy

posted by: KatherynIridaceae on 07.02.2013 at 01:02 pm in House Plants Forum

My poor ZZ plant has mealy bug, it's still pretty early in the infestation, it isn't really showing any symptoms yet, no yellowing etc just the bugs.

This is my plan of attack

Quarantine the ZZ, Wipe down each little leaf, spray a little Bayer Natria since I happen to have some lying around, I have a systemic product that I use for bugs and black spot for my roses (I live in humidhumidhumid DAMP Georgia, you HAVE to do SOMETHING about black spot down here)

Other than that I don't know what to do about it.

I have heard that wiping down the infected spots with rubbing alcohol, dawn dish soap, juiced habanero pepper or fish emulsion are effective against mealy but that's one helluva concoction, together or separately.

Has anyone tried any of those more natural/mild mealybanes with success?


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Repoting Giant Spathiphyllum, potting mix question

posted by: KatherynIridaceae on 06.23.2013 at 01:49 pm in House Plants Forum

Ok so my Giant Spathiphyllum needs a new home. He's too top heavy for his pot, annnnd I can't figure out how to stake him, so I went out and got him a pot that can support his height. I was wondering if any of you have noticed that your Spathiphyllum or Giant Spathiphyllum prefers a particular brand or home made blend of potting mix. At the moment the mix he is in is just miracle gro, some fresh some old with a mix of used aquarium sand. (I got this plant form a friend and that's just what she had lying around) I feel like I could do better lol


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sansevieria formula for growth? Liquid kelp?

posted by: KatherynIridaceae on 05.23.2013 at 07:34 pm in House Plants Forum

I have a question about the growth rate of this plant.
What I'm working with:

I have two sansevieria plants, one is mature with the tallest leaves being about three and a half feet tall, this one I got from a friend who fertilized it frequently with water straight from her fish tank, the plant is several years least a decade. t's happy and healthy enough to have bloomed for me more than once.

my other sansevieria is much younger, has maybe 6-10 leaves at about 7-8 inches in length. the pot it is in is considerably wider than the plant but not TOO much deeper. I fertilize with a little bayer 3-in-1 (once or twice a season cause i have scale issues)
Now I don't expect it to bloom for a good long while BUT I would like to get it to the same height as my mature plant as quickly as I can. I don't have major expectations but it's only grown an inch and a half in five months. Surely I can speed it along.

Other than increasing the heat and humidity which I do for my other plant seasonally. I was thinking liquid kelp might help it along, along with a pot somewhat deeper than the one it is in.

Has anyone had success with a soil, pot, fertilizer, environment combo that in particular, helped the little thing shoot up at a faster rate than mine is currently growing


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