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Is Sub Zero fridge worth it?

posted by: happylamom on 07.17.2011 at 12:22 am in Appliances Forum

Please give me feedback on our refrigerator options -- we are looking at a Sub Zero stainless steel side by side refrigerator - 48 inches. We are set on stainless and the 48 inches. This fridge is $9300 which is so expensive. Is it worth it? Are there other models we should look at?


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ice maker/ chilled water dispenser independent from fridge

posted by: Karen.1288 on 06.27.2012 at 12:01 pm in Appliances Forum

I am thinking that I'm just going to get a fridge only unit for my kitchen since I'll have a full freezer in my pantry but I still want the chilled water and ice that you can only get on a fridge with a freezer. Has anyone found an option for this. I know that you can get under the sink water chillers but I just want a simple ice maker/water dispenser combo. Perhaps something that I can build in an undercabinet way.

I saw the follett 7 series but they look like over kill for what I want. This seems like it would be a more popular thing that people would want in their homes but I can't find much.



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comparing GE monogram, JennAir and KitchenAid

posted by: Karen.1288 on 06.30.2012 at 03:49 pm in Appliances Forum

With the current GE monogram and JennAir rebates, these and the KitchenAid line are coming up in the same price range. I am looking for some advise on these brands. We are doing an induction cooktop, double convection wall ovens, and custom hood ventilation.
The fridge is a little more complicated because we may do all fridge (the 36" built in from momogram) or a freestanding 36" door one from Kitchen Aid. Not sure about Jenn Air fridge. We want the water and ice dispenser but do not need a freezer in the kitchen (have one a few steps away in the pantry) I like the built in aspect of the GE but may not need it (new build so we may be able to recess it in). Thanks..


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Refridgerator costs

posted by: Karen.1288 on 06.26.2012 at 08:29 pm in Appliances Forum

I'm building a new house and am in a state of sticker shock on the cost of the fridge. What is the difference between those 7k + fridges and one that costs in the 2-4k range. I realize that counter depth is a nice feature but that can't really be all....I can recess the fridge if it will save me 4k? Please enlighten me!


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