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is there a chainsaw blade like this?

posted by: rbigg on 12.11.2011 at 09:56 am in Garages/Workshops Forum

I don't think there is one, but----I wanted to check with guys who KNOW these things:

is there any kind of chainsaw blade to use to cut down into dirt and cut through big roots?

I've got long runs of sprinkler pipe that goes through big root patterns of canopy oaks. They develop leaks fairly often, where roots cut through the pipe. To fix, you have to dig a big hole and cut through some pretty good size roots. It happens often enough that I'd like to have some quick way of doing root cutting.


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A few questions for a young, up and coming canner!

posted by: Justin08F on 09.17.2013 at 09:41 am in Cooking Forum

Okay so thanks for any help in advance. I have been a member here for a long time and occasionally troll for info but usually find what I need without posting. Now I finally have a question that I don't see an answer to so I get to join in the fun! I just turned 30, didn't grow up in a household where we did any type of food preservation, aside from using the refrigerator for left overs, lol. Anyhow, I am very much trying to start "homesteading", gardening Et cetera. A few years ago I canned a batch of pickles, long story short no one died so I assume I did an "okay" job. Now I want to get more and more into canning all sorts of things starting with applesauce. My fiance and I have a beautiful apple tree at our house and every year I basically feed all of these perfectly wonderful apples to the deer, every year telling myself that next year I will have time to can them or eat them or whatever. Well this year I am dead set on canning myself at least a little bit of applesauce. I need to purchase some equipment though, when I did the pickles I used the hot water bath method and just that piece on the bottom that holds the jars from touching the pan. I need to get a basket and some proper utensils. I am leaning toward a pressure canner because I don't like the idea of having to have two giant pot's, one for hot water bath's and a pressure canner for lower acid foods. I know that you can use a pressure canner for lower acidic food and that it just takes longer but that doesn't really bother me. Does anyone have any good recommendations for a cheap U.S. made pressure canner? Also I have a time dilemma that I need help with. Ideally I would like to grab these apples now, (the ones that would be considered seconds I suppose) and start cutting them up and storing them until I have the time to can (hopefully on Friday). I know that I can put them in a lemon bath or salt bath Et cetera.......but would there be any harm in making the apple sauce one day, refrigerating it for a day or two and then reheating it and canning that day or two later?? I get scared to death of botulism. How is it in this day and age we don't have some sort of "pregnancy" stick that we can shove down in a jar of food to see if the bacteria exists??!! If I get started soon I am hoping to still be able to put some sweet corn and maybe some other late season veggies up! Any help is appreciated. Mostly the question about cooking applesauce one day and canning a day or two later. Thanks again!


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