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Low growing perennial suggestions?

posted by: Karolina11 on 11.10.2013 at 02:39 pm in Perennials Forum

I find myself constantly being drawn to perennials 36"-48" high. Thus the fronts of all of my beds seem bare. I do have a few coreopsis, sedums, and dianthus planted but not enough. What are your favorite perennials under 2 feet tall? I would like them to be hardy to zone 6 and able to flourish in full sun. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!


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Bolero, little bush with big flowers!

posted by: rochesterroseman on 06.12.2007 at 11:05 am in Rose Gallery Forum

Bolero is going into its 3rd season. It's still quite small, but covered itself with buds. The flowers open as large as my Austin roses like Golden Celebration and Evelyn. They smell good too.
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RE: Best overall product? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: dublinbay on 05.10.2013 at 06:20 pm in Roses Forum

Bayer Advanced Garden Disease Control for Roses, Flowers, and Bushes. Just don't confuse it with Bayer 2-in-1 or Bayer 3-in-1 which everyone will try to sell you instead. They have insecticides and fertilizers in them also--you don't need all of that. Just get the fungicide I listed first. You will probably have to go to Lowes to get it--places like wal-mart or home depot don't carry it. Or you can order it online and get it within a few days.

Follow directions and spray only on a windless day--usually before 10 in the morning, although the winds will often calm down to almost nothing late in the afternoon sometimes. The rose leaves will need several hours to dry off.

Bayer will stop the infection but will not eliminate the spots that are already there. It will also keep any new infection away for at least a couple weeks. You might need to spray every 2 weeks for a while if the BS pressure continues heavy and long. I usually find 1-2 times is enough for quite a while.

You will need a plastic hand-pump sprayer (costs maybe $20)--got mine at Home Depot, but I assume Lowes has it also.

Check the name carefully--I'm not kidding--they will try to sell you the stuff you do not want.



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Is this ok... or am I killing my Hydrangea tree?

posted by: Joopster on 10.25.2013 at 09:49 am in Hydrangea Forum

I just got this tree. I know that it's so late into the season but it was discounted from $120 to $50 so I couldn't say no. Anyway, I planted 2 days before our first freeze in Chicago. The stem also seem a little small (being that it's still pretty young) so I used 3 bamboo sticks to support it and then wrapped it up with frost protecting fabric. Is this ok or should I not wrap it?


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RE: Is it safe to plant crown princess margareta now? (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: terryjean on 10.11.2013 at 05:34 pm in Roses Forum

Joopster, I'm down around Peoria area, and I grow 'CPM'. First off, you are going to need to need to select an area that is going to get at least 6-8 hours of sun. 'CPM' gets really big...mine is about 8' tall and 5' wide, so plant accordingly. Secondly, plant the graft (that bulby knob) about 4-5" deep to protect it from winter freeze. I then water the rose really well, and add the soil back up and around the rose; tamping it around the plant so no air holes remain. I use a mulch of hardwood chips around the base of my roses...nothing else for winter protection. 'CPM' has proven to be very cane hardy for me.

I'm not a fan of cones....they just create a big mess of fungal infection. The oak leaves that blow in from neighboring trees are the nature's best protection, along with snow cover. I never lose any roses to Ole' Man Winter.

Once established, 'CPM' is big enough to grow clematis throughout its big canes. Congratulations to you on selecting a beautiful rose!


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Is it safe to plant crown princess margareta now?

posted by: Joopster on 10.11.2013 at 08:56 am in Roses Forum

I got crown princess margareta rose from a local nursery 2 weeks ago. I haven't got a chance to put it in the ground but will do it today. The plant was cut back to 6 inches by the nursery but ever since I took it home it been sprouting new leaves. Can I:
a) plant it any way.
b) keep it in the original container in my attached garage.
c) move it into a bigger container and keep it in my attached garage.

Right now our temp is usually in the lower 70s during the day and around mid 40s at night. I was hoping that I can put it in the ground and cover it up with the cone at end of October. It comes in a 2.5 gal contain so I think it the root system should be strong enough to handle October planting.


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What to plant around pink rose bush other than salvia

posted by: lindseyrose on 04.04.2007 at 02:22 pm in Texas Gardening Forum

I planted 3 salvias in front of my rose bush last year (Belinda's Drea rose, two Salvia farinacea, one Salvia sinaloensis). It is a small raised bed and gets lots of full sun in the summer. What I can't figure is why the salvias are so lame?! I figured they would get taller, bushier, sort of fill in the spaces...? Nope. A year later, and they seem similarly sized to when I planted them (don't get me wrong, there was a little growth and a little cutting back, but I didn't see anything dramatic). They flowered for a couple weeks after I put them in the ground in May 2006, and then not again until late fall. Now there is not a sign of flowering in sight on any of them. I do suspect ants were eating on one of them because they had a mound right under it, but it has survived and the ants seem to be gone (doused with orange oil drench).

Should I give up on the salvias and do something else? I even spent $6 on another Salvia sinaloensis (Sapphire sage) to plant across from the one I have, but if they are not going to flower, what's the point?

Advice, anyone?

Oh, and I mostly just let them get rain water and didn't worry too too much about watering them, although I deep-watered the rose at least once a week all year last year. So I don't think it's that they are too wet.


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Best David Austin Climber

posted by: aelaine on 03.08.2012 at 12:49 pm in Antique Roses Forum

Hi all, I've been lurking for awhile but I'm excited to get advice. I love this forum!

I just bought my first house and while I've had some success with container gardening, I'm still very much a newbie. I'm about to install a 5' high fence along the back border of my yard. I'm planning on planting in front of it. The bed will be south facing, and should get a minimum of 5 hours full sun each day, although I've never seen the yard in the spring/summer.

I would love to plant David Austin climbers on each corner so that they grow towards the middle. I know DAs aren't true climbers, but rather shrubs that can be trained to climb. I also know there's dispute as to whether they will grow well enough to be trained in my zone (5b).

My question is this: is it possible to grow DA climbers on my back fence and if so, which would be most likely to succeed. I'm especially interested in good repeat bloomers. I'd prefer to stay away from red roses. Also, I'd consider a climbing Iceberg on one side.

Thanks so much!



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Zone 5 (Chicago) need help prepping for winter

posted by: Joopster on 09.18.2013 at 07:40 pm in Hydrangea Forum

I went a little crazy this summer and bought many varieties of hydragea when my local nursery marked them down to $5 each. I need to know which I need to cut back to root and which I need to covered up.

Nikko Blue Hydrangea
Bluebird Lacecap Hydrangea
Lime Soda Hydrangea
Incredible Hydrangea
Endless Summer Hydrangea
Pinky Winky Hydrangea
Limelight Hydrangea
Let's Dance Moonlight Hydrangea
Let's Dance Starlight Hydrangea
Glowing Embers


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RE: Fragrant roses for afternoon sun? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: JoshTx on 09.21.2013 at 04:08 pm in Roses Forum

Sharifa Asma does magnificently for me in afternoon sun as well as reflected heat from the bricks of the house.

I would go for the Teas, Noisettes, Polyanthas, and Chinas. Perhaps some Austins.

Duchesse de Brabant
Souv. De Francois Gaulain
Jude the Obscure loves the heat and turns a peachy orange in it.
Alister Stella Gray
Perle d'Or
Francis Dubreuil
Clotilde Soupert
Cramoisi Supeurieur

Best of luck!



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Please help, are any of these climbers?

posted by: Joopster on 09.24.2013 at 12:41 pm in Roses Forum

My local nursery put all their roses on sales for $5 and I purchase a few. I need to know if any of these are climbers?

Love and Peace
Chicago Peace
Angel Face
Easy Does It
Port Sunlight
Crown Princess Margareta

I believe the last two are. I read that many of David Austin are.


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