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Is it ever the right time to retire?

posted by: cheerful1 on 06.19.2012 at 01:34 pm in Retirement Forum

My husband retired last August at age 58. I'm still working at age 57. Husband's pension is the "meat and potatoes", my salary is the "dessert".

We adopted a dog; husband is home all day with him; retirement's not agreeing with him. Dog may have been a mistake initially, but we love him.

I'm feeling guilty about still working; I can't make up my mind about leaving. I don't like the job any more, but the money is good; once I leave, that "dessert" is gone.

I have a 401k and IRA; we have a cushion in the bank.

Why is this so hard? It should be a no-brainer.


The difficulty is the financial decision. Question is am I going to be satisfied with less. Can I make it? It would help if there were more stability in the market. I felt the same way in the decision. Came down to my desire to retire was greater than my financial worries. Of which I believe I am fairly solid. There will never be enough. There was a day in which I knew it was time. My time to myself and my choices is very valuable. Particulary while I am in fair health.
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