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Cheap and Friendly Vermicomposting

posted by: pjames on 08.18.2010 at 06:52 pm in Vermicomposting Forum

I am going to start this thread with a little rant.

Most of us read this forum as an exchange of ideas and experiences. We are not into vermicomposting as a business but rather as a way to reduce our waste load in an eco-friendly manner and maybe help our gardens in the process.
(Not that I would mind somebody sending me a bunch of money to be a consultant..)

However, I have read several posts of late where somebody got screwed over buying high priced worms. Anybody reading any of my posts would glean that I believe in the DIY, start slow and cheap and develop a system approach.

To that end, I propose we help each other and any newbies get started.... Not only with knowledge but with some start-up stock itself.

I am personally not interested in counting and mailing live worms. I feel an easier method is mailing some cocoons. To that end, I will offer to sift/hand pick a quantity of cocoons from my bins and mail them to people to get started.

I realize the best method would be photo-type bubble wrap material but I am looking at a cheaper alternative. Something using maybe a few pieces of cardboard in a regular envelope and only for the price of a single stamp.

I would like to test this with somebody. Se how viable the cocoons are after mailing.

Anyway I would like to hear others thoughts on the subject.


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vermicompost tea

posted by: wriggler on 06.05.2013 at 11:36 pm in Vermicomposting Forum

Does anyone know if you can make tea without the added ingredients, fish hydrolsate,and Solu-plks and kelp? I bought a "Dirt Simple" areator but those ingredients are on back order and I want tea now!


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How should I shred my cardboard?

posted by: Ian.E on 05.30.2013 at 11:11 pm in Vermicomposting Forum

Should I leave it together or separate the three layers, then tear it in to small pieces?


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