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RE: Hose sprinkler/Oscillating (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: HamsterHuey on 08.27.2013 at 01:41 pm in Lawn Care Forum

I second what grass1950 said. I purchased 5 quick connect underground sprinklers a few months back and have been exceptionally happy with them. I would highly recommend that you follow the advice in this review: Amazon Review

It works out cheaper to just order the U shaped joints from the quicksnap website: QuickSnap Store - Parts

And to buy the recommended K2 smartset sprinklers from HomeDepot. The recommended sprinklers in that review are superior to the default sprinkler that comes with the package as you can easily set both left and right stops without having to remove the sprinkler from the ground. This is really really handy and makes installation a breeze and gives you the flexibility to adjust spray coverage of the sprinklers when renovating sections of your lawn.

The other reason I really like this product over the other ones is that it uses off-the-shelf sprinklers so you are not locked into any specific brand of overpriced sprinklers. More importantly, if you are renovating and planting seed on bare soil, these pop-up sprinklers have a much finer spray which does a great job of providing water to the seed without washing them away. Some of the other products have much coarser drops which aren't all that great for watering newly seeded beds.

I am actually just in the process of renovating a 3000sq ft section of my backyard and I don't think I would have had remotely decent results without the help of these sprinklers. I still have to manually move the hose about from one sprinkler to the other, but with the aid of a digital timer and the quick-snap hose connectors, it really isn't that big a deal.

Here is a picture of my quick-snap sprinkler in action in week 2 of my renovation:
Quicksnap Sprinkler in action

PS - Having said all of the above, Oscillating sprinklers (the ones that spray a roughly rectangular pattern) are also excellent sprinklers for growing grass and maintaining lawns. The rectangular spray shape makes it easier to use when watering most lawns. However, if you have a larger lawn where you would need to move the sprinkler a bunch of times, then the quicksnap sprinklers would be a much more attractive option. Once you figure out their coverage and set their spray extents correctly, watering your entire yard becomes really easy as you never have to fiddle with sprinkler location, orientation, etc.

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