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Morice french cooker (Delaubrac Lacornue users might be helpful?)

posted by: lars6153 on 02.27.2009 at 11:25 am in Appliances Forum


I�m about to buy a used Morice cooker.

It�s a professional style cooker, stainless steel, all gas.

Do any one have experience of this brand?

This is my first gas cooker.

It has been used by a pro (it�s dirty as h..., and the "coup de feu" is cracked).
I will change the "coup de feu".
But do any one know if there is essential parts that has to be replaced when one buy a used gas cooker (for safety reasons etc.)?

The set up is of the cooker is two burners an one "coup de feu".

How does the "coup" works (I saw that Lacornue and Delaubrac have similar simmer plates)?



save for info
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Miele Steam Convection Reservoir Spills

posted by: mohansf on 04.10.2014 at 04:42 pm in Appliances Forum

Our appliance repair man told me that a lot of his clients with the Miele steam oven over a convection wall oven are having issues. When you take the reservoir in and out, if it spills it destroys the electronic components of the convection oven below. One of his clients had this happen twice. Requires a replacement of the wall oven completely. He suggested a quarter round trim that is sealed with silicone between the two appliances


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RE: Kitchen Remodel DONE! Lots of pics... (Follow-Up #38)

posted by: maryannboffey on 03.23.2014 at 09:33 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi all,
First of all, THANK YOU ALL so much for all your nice comments!
To answer a few recent questions:

From island to stove area, 41"
From island to sink area, 41"
From island to microwave area, 46". This is because the fridge sticks out a bit and we needed more room to walk by without running into the corner of the island.

Tin panel behind range in the picture is just leaning, I have since attached it with a 3M hanger doo-hickey. The tin tile came from

Pendants are from Pottery Barn, called Harlow. You can find them here:

Love my faucet. The sprayer is very heavy and hard to push, also doesn't stop immediately when you release, but it's a nice and strong spray.

For walnut countertops, you can save even more money if you like butcher block style here:
My island is black walnut which is probably a bit darker than these.

In the corner with the dishwasher: that corner cabinet is not a full space, it is angled at the back, so the space lost was not much and would have been expensive for cabinets. We did have to install a DW that did not match the range and did not have a protruding handle since the drawers across the corner are so close. It works!

To "rosefolly" - the old door from the DR was a 27" wide pocket door and was pretty useless. The wider opening keeps the DR close but much more accessible. We had planned to put in a "barn door" on the DR side to keep the cats separate at night, but we're now down to one senile old kitty and she needs to know we're there...
The room next to the kitchen is a family room and behind that a sunroom which was added on in 1997 by previous owners. There were 2 separate French doors into the sunroom so it was very closed off. We opened up that wall so now the kitchen, family room and sunroom are all open, it's not huge but it's very nice.


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RE: Lacanche Ranges Part 43 (Follow-Up #66)

posted by: ctkristin on 12.15.2013 at 11:47 am in Appliances Forum

Thanks Why Not Me! I am excited. This kitchen was nine years in the making and the remodel started back in May!

The pot rail is by Enclume. They make both ceiling and wall rails/racks and I believe that the wall mounted rails come in a number of sizes. It is very substantial. I searched high and low for a wall mounted rack that wasn't flimsy like so many that I have seen. Beware that it is not cheap, but I felt that the cost was worth it when using it for functional purposes rather than for looks. If my brain does not fail me, I think you can get the rails with brass accents and hooks. It is a very well made product and I recommend it for those who love pot rails and racks.


for hanging pot rack/tool holder
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RE: Help with noisy Miele Diamond? (Follow-Up #12)

posted by: rococogurl on 03.09.2014 at 03:00 pm in Appliances Forum

Anyone selling Miele dws is negligent not to tell a buyer it requires the slightly narrower opening -- it's a well known quirk. Not sure about other brands.

No way you would know and unless you'd been around here or on kitchens or were a designer. It's logical to assume it would be the same as any other brand.

I also renovated an apartment kitchen and put in a Miele Optima (now Dimension) with properly sized space. It replaced a 25 y.o. GE potscrubber in existing cabinets -- modified. The machine was hardly audible vs the current one in our house which we can hear draining and sloshing.

You have the top of the line Diamond which is the quietest of all. If you're willing to go to the trouble to uninstall and modify, there should be a difference. But for goodness sakes, protect your floors and adjacent cabinets very well.

This issue has come up many times here in the past.


Pay attention to the specs if we install a Miele!
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