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fyi, ggg posted an official swapping thread over on exchange page

posted by: squirrellypete on 03.29.2013 at 01:14 am in Georgia Gardener Forum

Hope to see ya'll there!

On an odd note, I don't know why but no matter how I try it, Gardenweb is not letting me use capital letters in the Subject line. I type it and it looks fine, then when I click "preview message" it makes them lower case. Very weird!


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Advice on Euonymous fortunei 'Kewensis'

posted by: Glitterati-GA7b on 05.19.2013 at 08:27 am in Georgia Gardener Forum

I went to Pike's yesterday and found this groundcover.

I have a spot that is going to be particularly tough to grow anything but a groundcover on, so this looked promising. However, like I always do, I researched it when I got home and it appears it is a noxious weed here.

I already have ivy growing on the property which has been here for years and years, so I can only hope to control it and keep it away from the trees through pruning. I just purchased the home in February and am re-habbing the badly neglected gardens and yard.

The last thing I want to do is create another "ivy" monster in my yard and start an epic battle with this, too. And, I've seen what ivy does to mature, beautiful oaks.

This spot is in deep shade, on a sharp slope but right in front of a stand of very old oaks, inside the drip line of the oaks. I've put in a stone path in front of the trees and wanted something growing between the rocks in the path. I need something there, but I can cultivate the moss currently growing and put in less invasive creeping jenny or mazus.

Should I toss the Eunomyous?


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