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WANTED: Spring 2013 Round Robin Signups!

posted by: debbya on 04.01.2013 at 05:52 am in African Violets Forum

Our weather is still iffy..
So this wiil start in 2 weeks. Mid April-
Please sign up on this thread, and email me your info.
Named African Violets only. Plantlets, plants, crowns, leaves, whatever you have that's extra is ok to add. This is a great way to get named AV's for postage costs only! ;) A fantastic way to add to your collection. The box must move quickly! We want to keep everything as fresh as possible. Clearly label what variety your including. And please be generous.. Pack a box with as much as you can to make this really fun! I want everyone to be really happy with what they receive, and the more selections/varieties, the better!
I'll start the box out- with 25 varieties! There should be 25 different hybrids at all times in the box. Feel free to take whatever you want, just remember to replace what you take!

Let's make this our best round robin!

Post any questions.. Sign up here!
Almost forgot to mention- you must send this box out USPS priority (they provide a free tracking #) with the package. Post when you receive the box- and when it goes out. And let us know what 'must have' varieties you kept! ;)
Don't tell us what you add- let's keep that a secret... Who knows what you'll find in the package! :)



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WANTED: Fall Round Robin ~African Violet~

posted by: debbya on 08.16.2012 at 03:17 pm in African Violets Forum

Anyone interested in a African Violet Fall Round Robin? ;)
This is a fantastic way to trade for PRIORITY postage/delivery confirmation. I'll start the box off with 25 varieties- all clearly labeled, named. You must replace what you take, feel free to add more than you took-if you need to clear out some space on your growing shelves! Please be generous... I want EVERYONE to be happy with this round robin! Let's make this one the best one we had so far.

Keep the box for a day or two- and send it on as fast as you can to keep everything fresh.

I love starting this- and hopefully, we get enough interest.

Our temps are so much better (50's at night this week) hopefully the cooler weather stays, we had such a long hot summer. I would love to start this in two weeks- end of August. Does that work for you? Let me know...

Also, you must post when the box arrives, and goes back out. Communication is so important- so the next person knows when the package will arrive.



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