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RE: venting a harmon p38 pellet stove (Follow-Up #14)

posted by: dave_c on 12.07.2006 at 05:08 pm in Fireplaces Forum

Why do you refuse to answer my questions, fscott?

You have stated twice that you read a lot & yet prove that you do NOT comprehend what you read.

"But Grandpa has already purchased a pellet stove. You on the other hand recomended that he return his stove with a 10% restocking fee and buy a wood stove of a specific brand "

So what "specific brand" of wood stove did I "recommend" (sic) that grandpa buy, fscott?!

And, if he still has his wood stove for he never stated that he sold it, would grandpa not be better off paying a 10% restock fee ($140), which I doubt is required at this time of year if the pellet eater has not been used, & buying a moisture meter & a stove thermometer since his cash outlay would be less than $200?!

" and thus show him several threads as to how terrible the Harmon stove is."

Grandpa was shown Harman treads because he owns a Harman.
Why does that fact not register in your mind!?! Had I shown him treads on an England, Napoleon, etc pellet eaters, is it possible that he would reject the info merely because he owned a Harman & thus such info was not applicable to his situation?

Ever try thinking, fscott?

It is easier & cheaper to correct a creosote problem caused by his wood stove then to deal with the maintenance REQUIRED on ANY pellet eater. Were that not bad enough, & it certainly is for most, there is the inescapable matter of no heat output from ANY pellet eater when there is a power outage. Have you noted what is going on in the Midwest?

Consequently your refusal to answer simple logical questions, when your obvious reading distortions are challenged, is very telling thus your claim that "And I certainly ain't pushing Harmon " rings hollow.

Just a cautious "beware" from me. There's a lot of competitive propaganda on all heating forums."

Then, please, document where such is going on!!!
"I'm done responding."

No, you are NOT responding, you are in denial, avoiding the subject & any questions pertaining to such.


Rarely have I ever seen this kind of egregious used car salesmanship on a blog as as Dave C's. Dave, your posts are so blatantly biased that it's comical... almost. Grampa wasn't asking about the merits of wood vs pellets. If he already bought a stove he doesn't want to hear about that.

I realize I'm late to this post but it couldn't go uncommented.

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