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France info, Nahema, Chartreuse de parme

posted by: sunnishine on 10.09.2008 at 05:38 pm in Antique Roses Forum

Anyone know anything about these ir grow them? I ordered them from Ashdown. Any info would be helpful.


pretty yellow rose
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backsplash in

posted by: finestra on 09.13.2012 at 12:28 pm in Kitchens Forum

We are slowly getting to the end. The backsplash is finally in. Only have a few more finishing details. As you can see, lighting makes a big difference. All three photos were taken with lights off.




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'Instant beds'

posted by: donn_ on 03.28.2006 at 07:01 pm in Winter Sowing Forum

Need quick bedspace for your new babies? Here's a surefire way to build them quickly, using nothing but lawn and cardboard.

Groundlevel beds: Cut the lawn/sod about 6-8" deep, in sections you can handle easily. In the space you dug the sod from, lay out sheets of cardboard. Soak the cardboard. Flip the sod chunks upside down, so the grass side is on the cardboard. You now have a new bed, which can be planted into immediately, with a little compost added to the back fill.

Elevated beds: Find a part of the yard that could use a new woodchip path (alongside a bed is a good spot, because it doesn't have to be mowed or edged, because there won't be any grass to grow into your bed). Dig out the same sod chunks outlined above. Lay out the cardboard where you want the new bed, and soak it down. Flip the sod chunks same as above. It's ready to plant. Put down some landscape fabric where you dug out the sod, and cover it with 6-8" of woodchips. You now have a weedfree path that will make compost at it's bottom, which you can harvest every year. Just rake back the top, shovel the bottom into adjacent beds, rake the top back into the bottom, and put a new layer on top.

The primary benefits of instant beds are that you don't need layers of greens and browns like with lasagna beds, and they don't shrink down like lasagna beds.


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Finished kitchen soapstone and quartzite

posted by: Shareher on 07.17.2012 at 09:29 am in Kitchens Forum

We are finally mostly done. Thanks to everyone for their input, particularly for the layout and countertop selection.

I'm going to post a few pictures sequentially because this seems to be the easiest way.

Perimeter counters are soapstone.
Island counter is white quartzite.
Island paint is SW porpoise.
Cabinet paint is BM revere pewter.
Range is Bluestar (love it!)
Kitchenaid dishwasher and fridge.

So nice to have a kitchen again!


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Kitchen finished! White cabs, quartzite, leathered black. Whew!

posted by: babs711 on 07.14.2012 at 12:25 am in Kitchens Forum

We moved into our new build about three weeks ago. While I say the kitchen (and house) are complete, some things are missing that need to be done like counter stools that aren't here yet, a window seat cushion, upholstered chairs at the table that will be ordered, BLADES for the living room ceiling fan that aren't in yet. I've hardly hung a thing on the walls and am working on window treatments now. You get the picture! But we're in! And the months of planning and stewing are over! So here are some pics of the kitchen/dining/living room. I'm sure I'll have updates as I go.

Cabinets: Eudora Frameless
Island countertop: White Macaubus Quartzite
Perimeter countertop: Leathered Absolute Black Granite
Sink: Kohler Riverby Cast Iron
Faucet: Moen Woodmere in Stainless
Hardware on solid doors/drawers: Amerock Highland Ridge in polished nickel
Glass knobs and Bin Pulls in polished nickel: Van Dyke's
Range & Dishwasher: Thermador
Refrigerator: Kitchenaid Pro
Refrigerator Drawers: Electrolux
Sharp Microwave Drawer

Close up of the tile. It's hard to get an accurate color since it's so glossy. It's more blue/green than portrayed in pics:

I was standing on a chair when I took this. I feel like it makes the dining table look like toy furniture! Ha!

Behold...the unfinished bar and the fan with no blades. We live in the deep judging the fan! Behind those closed doors lies my DH's very unfinished man cave.

And you'd know that the day after I took these, my new sofa cushion inserts came in. It's all fluffy and new looking again. Oh well!

The Pantry is actually the same color as the entry you see right past the range wall in the kitchen (BM Gray Wisp). But I didn't use a flash so it looks funky here:


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Oh please post a photo of your backsplashes...

posted by: berardmr on 07.13.2012 at 04:50 pm in Kitchens Forum

I need some inspiration. The cabinets will arrive soon and the contractor is scheduled to begin his work in a few weeks and I don't have a clue about a backsplash. I'm open to anything and everything. Somebody rescue me with some good ideas before I scream!! The backsplash is the last choice I need to make!


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RE: Stone/Brick Front Elevation? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: allison0704 on 09.22.2011 at 10:25 am in Building a Home Forum

We have a stone garage that's suppose to look like a barn. The stone wall (garage) is left wall of front veranda. Stone travels across front of veranda, steps and around house at a certain height (can see in pictures below). Also a few feet up on front veranda (to bottom of fixed french doors).

We were originally going to have stone on lower level sides/back, but it was the first thing to go when we wanted to stay on budget. House is tumbled brick (texture) with a mortar wash. We used stone over all doors and windows. We really like the way it turned out.

In link, scroll down to second house featured - Alabama Armand:

Here is a link that might be useful: Our House - A Jack Arnold Home on a Lake


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